Exploring the Mystery and Finding the Mastery

At the center and the heart and soul of this blog is about connecting with my deepest and most authentic spiritual guidance. Chronicled here in these pages is the journey I’ve taken to make this connection and to bring it into the fullest awareness I’m capable of.

A part of the reasoning in making these messages public is to model this process. I don’t regard such abilities as supernatural, but rather as supernormal. An integral part of the human package.

I believe with honest and authentic practices, anyone may find a deeper level of connection with the knowing that resides within and without us. I see this as a part of our remembering our human mastery. May you also find your way to your own discoveries, if this is what you desire.

Newest Discoveries

The journey continues...
  • 2020

The Archetypes of 2021 Revealed

For the past few years, I have used my trusted Tarot deck to guide me to predict, through those age old archetypes, what the theme will be for the year. This year, I [...]

Welcome to Divine Timing!

timing Divine Timing has been one of the main themes to come to the surface in a big way in the years since I started writing these notes to share my journey. In fact, nothing happens in my creation space in these new energies without attention to this Universal principle. I give a nod to personal will, but the timing of Divine Will trumps it every time.

Most of this blog is timeless. The principles discussed herein are certainly without a time stamp on them. Though this may be the time to remember them, what is truth has always been so, whether or not we’ve been aware of these truths or not.

You’re invited to feel your way around here in my space and to follow where your instincts take you, trusting them to show you what may be synchronous and in Divine Timing. For you. I invite to experience the perfection of how this may happen when you trust in yourself to find your way.

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Channeled Messages

Intimate Conversations with my Inner Guidance

The Art of Prophecy

Messages Concerning the Future and Essays Discussing the Nature of Prophecy

My Journey

Sharing Some of My Journey and Experiences


Into the Mystical

Mystical Experiences and the Nature of Reality

Divine Principles

Essays and Guidance About the Nature of Universal and Divine Principles

Elemental Kingdoms

Conversations with Elementals and Information About Their Kingdoms

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