Aster: Practical Approach in the Current Energies

practical 3Sunday, June 25, 2017

Andrea: I’d like to talk about about any practical considerations that our conversation might be able to bring some clarity to. These new energies present at this time bring challenges for those of us who are focused on finding what works and what doesn’t. Many of our old paradigm ways of being are no longer finding purchase in attempts to go forward with them. Can you comment on this and perhaps give some helpful hints?

Aster: We can say that taking practical approaches at this time will ease the transition going on. What most will define as practical, however, isn’t exactly what we would consider as the appropriate definition.

Practical from our view, isn’t always about producing what an individual prefers in every moment, but takes into account what may be produced that’s more in alignment with the concept of the good of all concerned.

So, from our perspective, being practical will entail releasing the concepts most carry about what is good being all about producing preferences in each moment. This is a distortion pattern that serves no one and instead creates much friction in manifestations.

This friction is generated by the resistance to the natural flow of energies at this time. The current energetic environment is one of a much more ‘organic’ flow than has been supported by the energies available for the fueling of manifestations in your realm for a very long time.

But let’s backtrack a bit to parse apart some of the notions we perceive as shielding a greater clarity. So long as the intention and attention is on producing only preferences, so long as this is the only measure of value placed on experiences, this is a point of distortion to reality.

The greater reality is about broadening the range of experiences, and therefore, resisting all that is not the moment’s preferential state of being is resisting the actual environment, the actual experience, which is the flow of consciousness in its perfection.

As soon as the individual consciousness is consumed in the resistance patterns to the natural flow of events, there is no more attention left for the greater potentials inherent in each moment.

What we’re attempting to point out here is this produces a sort of blindness to opportunities which are created by those processes of manifestation in progress, which, for whatever reasons there may be, are felt as failures to produce preferred states of being.

There are so many descriptions in human languages for discomfort. We need not list them here, all know enough to make impressive lists, we are sure. That these states are transitory in nature and not signs of the failure to produce manifestations that reflect goodness, meaning and value are too often missed, in our opinion and observation.

Andrea: To me, this circles back around to appreciation of the moment. Pretty difficult to truly appreciate anything if I’m focused on chasing some preferred state of being.

Aster: This is the point we’re attempting to make here, and it’s one that is only difficult to integrate and utilize because of the intensity of the emotional nature of the human form and (in our estimation) also to the lack of skills to bring consistent levels of awareness to this issue.

The human form is a highly tuned instrument. It’s the master of interface with the environment it’s found in. And yet, without attention given to what is being perceived by the vessel, without shutting down the signals due to some artificial notion that there will be only preferred states of being experienced in each moment, this miraculous instrument is not being utilized to its greatest potential as an interface to environment present in each now.

So, back to practical considerations concerning the energetic environment at this time. It would be practical, in our view, to allow for experiences to flow where they will, without contracting into resistance over what is not a preferred state. These states are transitory, as are all states in the Universe.

The Laws of the Universe are motion, change and flow. Each moment is an opportunity to BE a part of the life stream of Divinity.

Each moment, preferred or not preferred on an individual level is still sacred, as are all moments, all movements in the Divine dance unfolding.

Nor is any moment truly static and frozen into some sort of success or failure moment, as in a goal which has been reached (or not). All these notions are artificial and do not reflect the fact that Universal Motion is endless, or that each moment is reflecting the journey without regard to any attention point in time (or space, for that matter).

Andrea: So, what you’re saying here is that the attention on some uncomfortable moment spent in resistance to what this moment offers is less than practical. Also, I hear you say that the thoughts that there is a goal line to measure success or failure is less than practical as well.

Aster: We would say this is so, when the tendency to focus only on the preferential states of the individual are given over to a broader view of understanding there is a motion of manifestation in process. It never comes to an end, but is always in the process of becoming and also in the process of being adjusted.

These mini-adjustments along the journey are done in each moment, so resisting the moment is less than productive and practical from our viewpoint. This is sort of a beginner’s lesson, if you will, for surfing into the flow of what is being called the new paradigm energy patterns in the current environment.

How this plays out in the attempts being made to manifest greater states of human mastery is of great interest to us. We may make recommendations produced from our viewpoint, but the path any incarnated being will take to deal with the transition of what the current energies support is what we will know only as you, yourselves, do.

Andrea: Thank you for these observations. It’s something to think about and consider. Farewell for now.

Aster: We attend to your journey with much love and appreciation. Farewell.

Aster: Relentless Unbindings, Sacred Seeds are Released

releasing seedsTuesday, June 13, 2017

Andrea: I hear you calling, Aster. What would you like to share about current circumstances? I can feel some information coming in around the edges of my consciousness. Shall we bring it through together?

Aster: We may do so. All that is required is for you to be willing and interested. We stand by for such opportunities, should they appear and should you choose them.

Andrea: All of last year felt to me (and some others as well) as if it was a birthing period. Some of us felt the imperative to push, in some inexplicable way.

Aster: The time for birthing is done now. The new pathways are born in this now and are here for development. The imperative to push was mostly about how to push through the thinning ‘membrane’ of consciousness still clinging to the old paradigm principles.

The energetic support for such old school principles have been dissolving steadily, and this will continue. This development won’t let off and it won’t reverse again or go away.

This all has to do with the natural spiral of Sacred Geometries, and these geometries play themselves out in a natural progression. In time and space, they dance the cycles of Life Itself. In diversity and in Sacred and mysterious ways, this dance of energy and form will expand possibilities.

These new possibilities are within the current experience of dissolving structures and may be perceived as chaotic. In fact, this chaos is only one way to look at the breaking up of bound energies, of bound and static or stale realities. Continue reading

Aster: Love Made Manifest

lovemademanifestJuly 2, 2016

Andrea: Can we speak some more about the nature of channeled messages? I’d like to hear more about your perspective on them and how they play into the path of the empowered human being.

Aster: We’re pleased to speak with you again, and this subject is one that we also wish to expand on.

When you mention the empowered human being, inherent in this description is the idea that there is a human being in the experience of seeking to be in sovereignty and ownership of the experience they’re having. There is a certain level of spiritual maturity that is a necessity for this to happen as well.

As a being matures spiritually, self-responsibility becomes central to their path. There is no way to embrace the truth of the power of Self without first seeking this discipline of self-responsibility.

Particularly for those who’ve been shown mostly examples of immature behavior being glorified socially, as if this were a normal occurrence for mature beings, this process of awakening to the truth can be challenging, and even painful.

We’’d like to suggest what is painful is showing what isn’t true, when it comes to the places where expanding into sovereignty and self-responsibility is presenting as painful or a threat to survival in some way. Continue reading

Aster: Clarity About Channeled Information

discernment2Monday, June 6, 2016

It’s with gratitude in my heart that I approach this assembly again to commune. Are we to talk about the nature of channeled messages today? I think many people are curious about information that is disseminated in this fashion.

Aster: With gratitude, we attend you! We attend you with the most intense and intimate focus, and it pleases us immensely when you choose to return this focus with your attention.

So, yes, let us begin by saying that what we offer you is our perspective. Our perspective is broad, since it comes from such a large assembly of beings. Let it be known that this assembly is together in our perspective in certain ways that allow us to speak as One.

The way we may speak as One, though we’re many perception points individually, is because we share certain basic perceptions. We share the perception that we’re the same Essence, regardless of individual expressions of this Essence. We’re beyond the illusion that suggest this isn’t so based on the differences in expression of Source energy. Continue reading

Aster: Who is Speaking?

whoisspeakingSunday, May 29, 2016

It seems like a great deal of information has arrived inside me and is asking me to channel it out again. I’d like to begin this process with attempting to get some clarity on who it is that is speaking with me in these conversations.

As usual, I’d like to address this group and at the same time, I’d prefer a spokesperson to come forward and allow me to focus on one being, instead of the overwhelming sense of being in a stadium full of beings with me being the center of attention.

I’d like it if Aster would come forth for this and if she could help to clarify the nature of the group assembled here and also give some clarity to who she is in relation to the group and especially to me.

Aster: I gladly come forth to assist you, my sister, myself.

First, let me speak about the group dynamic you perceive here and the nature of it, and then I will speak more about the special relation between what you perceive as you and I.

When you first came forth to open yourself to our communion and communication, there was a need to draw you forth, like the breadcrumbs left along a trail to guide you. In a very real sense, these breadcrumbs were crumbs you left for yourself to find. If you find this statement to be one that’s confusing, this is only because of the current nature of your perception.

The crux of this puzzle is that we are one. This is a difficult concept only from certain perspectives and mind-sets. However, since we’re now speaking to a mind-set in separation from our oneness, we speak in terms as if we are not-one, as if we are another. In actual fact, we are not another. We are one.

This group itself is one. It is one with you. Beyond this multitude is more oneness as well, beyond perceiving and in fact, beyond imagining as well.

For the sake of disseminating information, it will be useful for us to continue to relate together as you and another. Let us take the easiest road to sharing and communing, though let it be known that we are one, and this is the truth from our perspective.

I can accept this, I think. It feels to me, when I’m having these conversations, like I’m familiar with the information that comes forth. It’s only afterwards that I forget it so quickly that I have no idea of the conversation even seconds after I’m done with it. I have to reread it after to know what has been said. Though this is very odd, I can accept what you’ve said for now.

What about the special relation of you and I? Can you tell me why you say you are myself? Is there some more intimate relation with you in particular in this group?

Aster: Yes, there is! I am, what I might term, as your root, though this is a distortion of my meaning, it’s a metaphor which might serve us at this time.

I am, my point of perception, my beingness, is, the root of who you are. We are the same being in different perspectives, in different points of being. We are the same being, the same essence, the same essential self.

From my current perspective, I am aware of all my shoots, all my personal streams of beingness and points of perception. You are one of these.

Again, these concepts are difficult from your current point of perspective, but you’re in the process of expanding your perspective at this time. Allow for these thoughts to be with you and allow them to expand within you. You move into closer alignment with me when you do this.

In essence, we’re not separate, and yet, to you it seems so. Some of my other points of perception and beingness are also in a similar state of contraction, and some are not. All of these are myself and they are also you. All of my me’s are whole unto themselves. None are fragments per se, though compared to my sense of wholeness it might be perceived as such. Each one of us is whole, just as I am.

What makes me different from you at this time is that a more expanded version of yourself is who I am.

I long for us to be more and more aligned, but I do not rush it. You return to our oneness at your own pace. It is a pace that serves you and it also serves me at the same time.

We are an expression of Creator Source energy, as this group is, which is attending our interactions. We are ultimately coming from the same giant root of Source. The branches of root from Source make for marvelous diversity. So, this grouping is one of the most marvelously diverse Source expressions!!

We find it best to commune with you by way of the most familiar aspect among us, that being which is, in essence, you.

Does this give some clarity to your questions?

Yes, I feel like it does. I will allow these concepts to sit with me and see if I can integrate them more fully.

I also been feeling like a lot of information is sort of right on the tip of my tongue somehow. This is the reason I’ve come to open a page and converse again after such a long stretch. Can you give a preview of what subjects we might be talking about soon?

Aster: We prefer to move in each moment, rather than to cast ourselves into the ‘future’, but next time let’s talk about the nature of information that is coming forth in channeled messages.

Perhaps we can provide some thoughts to bring clarity to this subject by sharing our perspective. We bring this perspective as a group in great diversity, so perhaps it may broaden understanding.

Thank you, Aster. I will come again soon for another session. Farewell.

Aster: Farewell and blessings to you.

Where To Find Me

daisy-heart-flowers-flower-heart-mediumA short note for those who have been following this blog. First off, sorry to be missing in action for so long. The truth is, I’ve simply been busy elsewhere.

I have a confession to make. I have another love that has kept me away from this blog and whatever promise I made to it, and those who’ve been so kind as to be interested in it as well.

My other love is a community forum called Gaia SceneThis is where to find me on any day of the week, I’m always in there with the most loving devotion, with every beat of my heart.

It’s where my family is, albeit this family connects virtually via internet and most of them have never laid eyes on me in person. In spite of this, the long-term holding of space for authentic and deep sharing ,while honoring each other with acceptance and respect, has made this forum a uniquely safe and sacred space like no place else on the internet.

It’s a private forum, but all are invited in. We ask only that people have good manners and little else other than following our guidelines. We talk about literally everything, nothing is taboo except blaming, shaming, and picking apart the shares of others.

But there’s more! My other love has recently become twins!

This same loving forum community has grown up, and is now offering a new blog format that highlights the empowered human being walking in mastery.

This is a twin platform that’s been funded by, built by, and for, the light player community as a place for the voices of our diversity to be heard, and it is filling a niche no other blog on the internet is at this time. It’s called Gaia Scenics’ View. 

Click here to go to see our blog mission statement and find out more about this brand new and ambitious project.

I think if you go and see my loves for yourself, you will love them too. The love they have to share is huge, so there’s no need for me to be jealous of them. You’re invited with open arms to share in the love-fest and the co-creation process going on.

I have to tell you this working in a group of like-minded lovers in equal and cooperative co-creation has been the most exciting and joyful experience of my lifetime! Bar none!

We’ll see what happens with this blog, which has become primarily a repository for my sojourns into automatic writing. I have room in my huge heart for more than one thing, even though my focus has been intensely elsewhere, I still love this space too.

Oh, and thank you for the love you’ve shown me in this venue! xoxoxoxox!!

Hope to see you soon!


The Making of a Mystic

stock-photo-750937-light-emanating-through-a-key-hole-from-a-mysterious-roomMonday, November 9, 2015

I’d like to begin by asking for some clarification on the terms mystic and mystery, and why it keeps coming up for me leading into the start of this new series of messages.

Aster: We are mystics swimming in the Great Mystery that is. The essence of our nature, no matter what the defined form or details are of our expression, are a mystery at the very core.

Of course, in order to commune between us within this mystery and in order to share among ourselves the experience of the unfathomable and the wonder, we suggest – through our rituals of language, through naming the unfathomable (labels), and through our stories – we attempt to fathom who and what we are within the context of what is. Continue reading