daisy-heart-flowers-flower-heart-mediumA short note for those who have been following this blog. First off, sorry to be missing in action for so long. The truth is, I’ve simply been busy elsewhere.

I have a confession to make. I have another love that has kept me away from this blog and whatever promise I made to it, and those who’ve been so kind as to be interested in it as well.

My other love is a community forum called Gaia SceneThis is where to find me on any day of the week, I’m always in there with the most loving devotion, with every beat of my heart.

It’s where my family is, albeit this family connects virtually via internet and most of them have never laid eyes on me in person. In spite of this, the long-term holding of space for authentic and deep sharing ,while honoring each other with acceptance and respect, has made this forum a uniquely safe and sacred space like no place else on the internet.

It’s a private forum, but all are invited in. We ask only that people have good manners and little else other than following our guidelines. We talk about literally everything, nothing is taboo except blaming, shaming, and picking apart the shares of others.

But there’s more! My other love has recently become twins!

This same loving forum community has grown up, and is now offering a new blog format that highlights the empowered human being walking in mastery.

This is a twin platform that’s been funded by, built by, and for, the light player community as a place for the voices of our diversity to be heard, and it is filling a niche no other blog on the internet is at this time. It’s called Gaia Scenics’ View. 

Click here to go to see our blog mission statement and find out more about this brand new and ambitious project.

I think if you go and see my loves for yourself, you will love them too. The love they have to share is huge, so there’s no need for me to be jealous of them. You’re invited with open arms to share in the love-fest and the co-creation process going on.

I have to tell you this working in a group of like-minded lovers in equal and cooperative co-creation has been the most exciting and joyful experience of my lifetime! Bar none!

We’ll see what happens with this blog, which has become primarily a repository for my sojourns into automatic writing. I have room in my huge heart for more than one thing, even though my focus has been intensely elsewhere, I still love this space too.

Oh, and thank you for the love you’ve shown me in this venue! xoxoxoxox!!

Hope to see you soon!

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