ascendedOne of the tools in my tool chest is the ‘What If’? game.  It’s a fun game that allows me to stretch out and get the maximum expansion on a subject (that I’m currently capable of), a kind of mental/emotional/imaginational yoga.

I’d like to share this with you ‘out loud’ and play with it a bit for our shared amusement.

What IF I woke up ascended?  What would that be like?

Well, first off, I consider ascension to be an expansion of awareness of who I already am.  For me, this looks like it’s more about shedding the layers of who I’m not, instead of becoming anything else.  If anything, I see this as being more me than ever before.

As a lead in to my thoughts on this, I once had a dream that I was a tiny little Asian woman.  It was one of those dreams which was an entire lifespan experienced in one night.  I awoke and it took me half a day to get over the shock of having this ‘huge’ body I currently possess.

In another dream, I went through a pregnancy, gave birth to a son and I woke when he was about 5 years old.  It was so real that I mourned him for weeks afterwards.  I couldn’t believe that there was no beautiful boy in my life to care for!

In this ‘What If’ game, I’m pondering if this is a dream and if I will wake from it in a similar way to how I woke from these intense dreams I just referenced.  What If I woke up and understood suddenly that being un-ascended was just a dream?

My husband can testify that when I wake each morning it takes me a while to come back to ‘myself’ and get rebooted into the person and personality I wear here.  What If it is actually this very thing that is more truly descriptive of ‘going back to sleep’?

Dealing with the community forum for the last three years has shown me that for many lightworkers there is a clear demarcation/separation between what is considered spiritual and mundane or earthly.

I hear over and over how people feel that they wish to get away from ‘here’ and want to go ‘home’.  I honor that this is how it is for them, but on a personal level, it makes no sense to me.  Allow me to try to say why this is so.

As one who has gone through and out the other side of a prime and perfect opportunity to bug out and split the scene here, my understanding is quite different.

I came here on a special and sacred mission fueled by intense and sacred desire.  Like a flaming arrow in flight, the shaft formed of Love.  The fact that I remember this has been an anchor to me and it’s been the carrot on a stick to continue to remember enough to puzzle out the rest of it, as I go.

Over time, I’ve come to realize many truths.  One of these has come from the expansion of my ability to appreciate, coupled with my willingness to abandon that which is programmed garbage and inherited lies about the true nature of myself and all the rest of us too.

Which brings me to the lie that the body and all its earthy sacredness is to be dismissed and constantly undermined as a heavenly and sacred vessel it actually is.  Taking a good honest look at the attitudes about one’s body can tell a sad and sickening story about how dishonored our earthy selves are pretty much 24/7.

When was the last time, if ever, your own body was considered as Sacred and appreciated as the your Sacred anchor into form?  Perhaps the underpinning of this be-lie-f is that form itself is mundane, or even profane?

What If…I woke up ascended?

If I woke up ascended, would I look around me and see that Everything is Sacred?  Would this not include my own body, my own reflection in the mirror, or in the eyes of my loved ones, or even my ‘enemies’?  How would my relations to all others change from this shift in awareness?

If I woke up ascended…

What would shift in me in order for me to know that I was?  Would this even be possible if I were to insist on flinging myself back into the consciousness of the day before?  Like the way I take some time each morning to come up out of my dreams, for instance.

In this same line of thought, how productive and helpful is it to insist on staying in this same loop of defining who I am by who I was before, and maintaining my ‘place’ in the ‘ascension hierarchy’ according to measuring myself against others, no matter who they are?

If I woke up ascended…

Wouldn’t I be expanded enough in awareness to acknowledge my own Divinity?  Will I then be able to continue to ignore the Divinity in others as well, whether they have acknowledged this or not?

And how will this be possible, this expansion of awareness into ‘being ascended’ without acknowledging and owning my own personal power and beauty?  Without consciously honoring and Loving my own earthy vessel with all its glorious and quirky eccentricities?  Can this even happen while still harboring be-lie-fs and attitudes that disdain and belittle my earthiness and my fleshy anchor into physicality?

I’m having a problem imagining any known Ascended Masters doing this while incarnated or manifesting in a body.  Just saying…

If I woke up ascended…

Would I not then understand that this expansion into a greater awareness of who I am vs who I’m not is at the foundation of all my relations to others?  From the clearest foundation, removed from the layers of overlying lies upon lies about who I am, who you are, who we are…

Ok, let’s have some fun and spin this out like a cartoon…

If I woke up ascended…

Would I instantly float up out of my jammies?  hehehehe…  I mean really, when and where does one draw the imaginary line between one side of the ‘line’, where one is ascended and on the other one is not?  Is this not the epitome of the polarity of 3rd dimensional thinking which we are destined to leave behind in favor of 5th dimensional thinking which states there is no line and never was?

Please remember the line referred to above doesn’t and never can exist!  Except in the mind!  Remember a ‘map’ like this is only a mental tool used to describe the territory.  It isn’t to be confused with the actual terrain!  And yet we do!  We do this all the time, and we do it without any intelligence and awareness attached to it whatsoever.

If I woke up ascended…

Could I expect to be free of these issues facing us all in the here and now, these global and collective issues we all talk about in lighworker circles?  Poof!  They are gone now, and I’m ascended, and this is how I know?  So, now I float upon a cloud and play my harp?  !  And this is why I came here from Beyond like a flaming arrow in flight?

OR, is it more true that I’m more firmly seated into my body than ever before and more ready to shed the insecurities that keep me from owning my own mastery?  At whatever level that is!  Here and now!

If I woke up ascended…

Fill in your content here _______________…

What does being ascended look like to you?  How will you know when it happens?  Is it something that will happen to you suddenly like being dunked in a barrel of water, as in wet/not wet, or will you come to be aware of it in stages?  Will you be the one to draw back your own curtain?  (Smiles…)

I leave you now to ponder, if you will, what this all means to you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this game as much as I have.  Just like a good yoga session, I’m feeling much more limber, agile, supple and strong from it, and sharing it has given me the pleasure of a sense of community too.

If I woke up ascended…

I think I’d be feeling the intense love and compassion I’m feeling now for us all, and for all we’re going through and have gone through to be here now.

Maybe this is the biggest hint of all.  When no matter what road or path is taken, it leads to directly back to Love.

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