On With the New!

I’m pleased to announce that all of the new blog is now up and ready to roll. There is going to be new content to fill some of the categories that may seem incomplete. A few more days of back end technical stuff, and creating new content will be my focus here again.

In the process of rebuilding this blog from the ground up, I’ve been going through every nook and cranny of the content it holds. In order to make this content as accessible as it can be for the user, and in honoring the timeless nature of most all of the content, it’s been necessary to reconfigure technically, reorder with new categories, and to rename articles. This has caused some potential short term problems.

I’ve broken probably every single link to the older content to where it may have been linked to other blogs and sources. I guess it can be said this rebuild is a clean cut with the past. I haven’t taken the trouble to redirect these links, so I apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this.

It’s my guidance that this break with the past (and also, on some level, breaking with the concept of linear time), is a part of what is happening anyway in a much broader way, far beyond the limits of this little personal blog space.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and I hope the way you found it wasn’t too frustrating either. We move on together into the new. This has been and will continue to be involving breaks with the past, and providing entirely new foundations on which to build.

Thanks for dropping by. Come back soon to see what develops.

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