focusWhere is our focus? Do we realize the prize is our attention and that this is the agenda to steal our attention and harvest it?

As we all know, all too well, there is a whole avalanche of things to put focus on in these times. It’s become clearer and clearer every day how much the ‘trending’ narratives serve agendas, and so many of these agendas are about nothing nice.

I celebrate the fact that the nothing nice agendas are coming to the surface, so that we may all use our divinely guided discernment in knowing what is going on. No matter how horrible, no matter how awful, the nothing nice agendas are never going to stop until we see them for what they are. It’s a process. It doesn’t feel good, and that’s putting it as mildly as I can manage.

However, I’d like to point out that we, as divinely guided humans, are challenged to walk in mastery at this time. It is an act of mastery to manage our focus. It’s not easy, it is literally an act of mastery I’m talking about.

So… No matter how much one may be invited to obsess over the bad intentions coming to the surface all over the place, one can still choose to do so or not to do so in every living breathing moment. Or some mix of that is also available in the menu. We can choose.

There is always beauty to focus on! Find it and pour your loving attention and appreciation on whatever it is. We talk a lot in the spiritual communities about energy and about frequency. Who thinks endless attention on the rot is going to generate energy that is good and that is creating a frequency that is uplifting, personally and also collectively?

I acknowledge that knowing what evil exists and discerning the bad intentions is important. Of course, it will generate loathing and anger and sadness! Good that it does! But, when does it stop? When do we take our energy back from the energy harvesters, from the parasites, and use it to create more beauty and less of the funky energy they want to eat?

The prize is our energy, lovers. We either own it or we don’t. Not much happening in-between these polarities either. No one chooses but ourselves on this level, but first thing is to be conscious there is a choice.

Choose as you will, but at least be conscious about it. This is the time for at least our best attempts at mastery, of ourselves, of our divinely guided and gifted energies and creativity. Let’s make the best use of it we are capable of. Intentionally, and with all the love and appreciation we can muster.

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