devilThe Devil is in the Details…

Early in the year, in this year of 2019, I did a reading on what the theme of the year would be. My incredibly accurate Tarot deck served me up The Devil card.

I did a rather brief projection of what this might entail in this post, The Theme of 2019 – The Devil, where I suggested a short list of possibilities we might see over the course of this year.

Have the veils been falling off and the glamours faded from the facades this year? Oh, yes, they have!

I’m not surprised by this, after 44 years of working with this Tarot deck, I know it delivers. What to make of the archetypes is another question, but 44 years of sussing that out has also delivered me with the wisdom and the experience to pull that rabbit out of my hat.

So, what have we seen so far? We’ve gotten a consistent and rather brutal non-stop barrage of false values crammed up into our faces all year this year.

Not like we haven’t before, but the push is so heavy now, one would have to be either in deep denial or in a hypnotic state of some kind to not feel it and notice it for what it is. This is also a factor of this Devil archetype, so seeing this is a factor, particularly potent and effective for some of our human collective, is also not a big surprise at this time. The con is on, big time. The circus quality of the show is undeniable too.

When The Devil appears on the scene, it is always about choices. Will we choose the sacred or the profane? This is the essence of what we see going on right now, whether we are talking about the personal or the collective choices available.

The parade of perversions are all face up on the table. The push to ‘normalize’ them is clear and up in our faces now. Attempts to legislate us into making them ok are going on. Or, did we miss that memo?

While the devil is in the details, as they say, I’m not talking so much about specific details as I am pointing to a broader view. Take a look at what is going on and you might begin to see what I’m talking about.

Everything is being pushed into the extremes under these conditions. There are values and meanings here to consider, and the push is to make and even to legislate these choices for all of us, like it or not. It’s hard to imagine anything more devilish than this, when it’s so clearly an attack on our family values and on all kinds of freedoms we hold dear.

On the other end of extremes is the push to expose and to legislate systems in place in order to deal with the corruptions too. Both of these pushes are consistent with this archetype, which fuels both extremes of fake facades over rotten deeds and the exposure of them.

As an example of this, the exposes on slavery and human trafficking have been making a headline appearance this year. It’s become so much clearer how much of this has been going on under the radar of all of us, and it’s world-wide mayhem.

Occult practices of the most negative and heinous kind are also being outed this year, in ways so much more informative than every before. These kind of activities flourish only in the darkness and collapse when exposed to consciousness. As ugly and as incredulous as it is, it is nevertheless a truth in our current realities.

Worse still, is the fact that we, as a collective, are serving as at least a large part of the fuel/energy needed to sustain these distortions of Divine Principles. It gets more and more subtle, but the invitation in these archetypical energies of The Devil give more and more extreme opportunities for us all to become aware of how we are being harvested energetically, and how our energies in various forms are being used to sustain realities that are literally ‘rowing upstream’ against the natural flow of the energies that are Divinely creative and co-creating realities with us in each moment.

These current energies are intense and potent. They really aren’t kidding around. The choices are here, in both hearts and spades. I’ve been tracking this carefully (read – obsessively, lol) this year, as usual. I observe a significant uptick in consequences on all levels, whether these be the beneficial and feel good kind, or it be the kind of hammer or boomerang effect from choices that are not in integrity or are just denials of personal responsibilities.

We can choose whatever we want to. This is how it is, here and now. This includes our neighbor too, by the way. No one of us gets to choose for anyone else, not in the bigger picture. Attempts to push against this principle of free will will fail in the current energies miserably. Watch it and see for yourselves.

It can be exhausting to be in such intense chaos, and it’s not pretty either. Self care and returning to our core to reestablish what we are and what we actually care about is not only the best thing to do right now, but is probably the only way to stay balanced.

Please don’t fall for the ‘cries of the parasite’ factor of all the loud and panicky voices crying out in this chaos to warn everyone of how the doom is near. The only doom here is about how this fake tower of cards is tumbling down.

What I know is that the big bad Devil is a paper tiger. The notion being pushed that the true power base is evil and that evil is the ultimate power here is simply not the truth. Consider what I’m saying here. The truth doesn’t need a megaphone and hypnotically repeated non-stop rhetoric to sustain itself. The push is on and this is the reason why it so.

The blessings here appear and become more conscious in contrast. In the craziness and intensities right now, we are blessed with clarity and vision, if we choose.

Allow all of it to inform and empower you to make the choices we are being called on to make. We create the outcome. Never forget this and the fake up facades fail to deliver on their nasty promises.

This year isn’t over yet. So, hang on, lovers, there is more to come. I will be doing another read for the coming year, as it comes closer to the close of this one. For more details than are here in this post on The Devil archetype, please see the post I linked above.

And remember, consciousness trumps all of this mess and more. We do, in fact, decide the meanings and the values in this world. We ARE the values and meanings, if you really want the truest truth available. If nothing else, this knowledge can assist with keeping us centered in these chaotic and dangerous times.

I’m personally all in, with the bet that humanity wins. The inhuman and the inhumane are not viable over the long term and they never were.

Watch and see… We wake up and stop fueling it all. This is what I know, and it will take however long it takes to unfold.

My blessings go out to all of you, as always. Choose wisely.

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