The unwinding of the paradigm

the midst of the shift

where thinking falls short

and the future is unrealized


This moment between

when the implosion hangs

mid-air and motionless

freeze frame in the sequence


Such are the times

we find ourselves in

not forward, not back

but hanging suspended


In-between is the magic

the point in the zero

the greatest potential

the flip and the trigger


No clear way into

the past or the future

the now is upon us

stripped down to the essence


What magic is here?

What epic potential?

How best to seed

or harvest such bounty?


The dreamer is king

in such epic conditions

winging high in the drafts

and the currents of calamity


Dream it and wing it

lift off from the wreckage

abandon the fall out

and carnage and panic


For this is what brings forth

the paradigms coming

birthing and seeding

the as yet unformed


What wonders await us

in the turn of the ages?

Who wings it and where will

the currents then take them?


And who will brave

such tremulous updrafts

and downdrafts and eddies

on hollowed and feathery wings?


The future unfolds for

the courageous and bold

The favor of fortune

it is said is so given


Who will boldly receive

or retrieve rightful blessings?

Honors extended

for courage, for valor?


The dreamers, the bold ones

take heed and wing passage

the world, it awaits you

for you are the path now


Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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