2019The Crossroads of 2019 and the Devil

Drawing a Tarot card to suss out the theme of the year is always a interesting prospect for me. I have a sense of anticipation over it every time, as year after year, the read on it never fails to be accurate.

This particular read is on the overall theme for the whole calendar year of 2019. This isn’t a personal reading for any particular person, and is meant only to suggest a theme that will be an overriding one for the entire year.

Wasn’t I surprised when the Devil card came out of the deck? Okay, maybe I wasn’t so surprised after all… After all, there has been a non-stop parade of the seedy underbelly of worldly powers exposes going on for some time now. Catacombs, labyrinths and rabbit holes all suggested here. More rabbit holes to explore than anyone would wish to and nothing truly nice to find there when you do!

Is this the year that the veils fall completely off so we get to see the true nature of the bare-faced greed, lust and perversions? The Devil card suggests that this is so!

Exploring the Symbology of the Devil

Before we get all afraid and superstitious over this Devil archetype, let’s explore the essence of what it represents. There are both the blessings and the challenges here to consider, though the challenges are sure to be daunting to many.

At the core of Devil archetypal energy is all about the con. It promises everything, but it takes more than it gives back every time. It’s the glamour that hides the true value and meaning of everything. It’s the many ways we trade our freedoms and sovereignty for glittering falsehoods and excuses to deny personal responsibilities.

False values offered everywhere are in your face under this influence. We can expect this to be enhanced, and a steady stream of it for this year of 2019.

Devilishly on the Loose 

While some of us know this is really nothing new, this facade of distorted values and systems, with this Devil archetype highlighted for 2019, it’s a sure bet that devilishness and temptation is going to ramping up and becoming much more obvious. 

This energy is leaning hard into excesses on all levels. It’s like a big flashing neon sign in the sky! Get your tickets now! (Before you miss out… what you’re entitled to… the greatest whatever…) Everything you want (in the worldly) is right here. The big con in the biggest way, this is what will be in the works for this year.


We can expect human trafficking of all sorts to come to the surface this year. All forms of slavery, physical, sexual, financial, men, women and children. All of it, in all it’s glory.

Along with this, I predict there will be a whole lot of interest in the by products such activities produce, like porn, pedophilia, beauty products with the tissues or blood of young people as ingredients, harvested organs for transplants and many more of the more subtle and previously hidden results and connections to such activities.

Some of these products and services have been around for a long time now. Some are subtle enough to have escaped the notice of most people, but this is the year these facades and masks will slip significantly. I portend the true histories of these will be exposed this year, astounding most normal people enough to shock and dismay, but I also think it will take years for it to fully integrate into our collective consciousness and become ‘common knowledge’.

Assaults on Our Senses

This Devil archetypical influence is very worldly, in every sense of the word. Every seductive sensory invitation may be expected to be utilized by those with a will to harvest our energies, and/or weaken us with toxic environments and products. I believe we will see an uptick in sensual and sexy, and in ‘flasher’ type exposures, in both voluntary and involuntary ways.

I expect this year to provide a whole lot of opportunities for law enforcement to ferret out online predators and dark web law breakers, because this energetic archetype drives this sort of behavior into a frenzy. I think last year was just the tip of the iceberg, and this year, with this archetype leading the way into extremes of perversions and debaucheries, it’s going to ramp up.

Follow the Money

It’s all about the money this year with the Devil energy as a theme. There is a mad and frenzied dash of the greediest and the most unscrupulous to get the money in the fastest and most underhanded ways imaginable.

Being aware of this may be helpful for some to avoid being conned into participating in things and activities that are not in agreement with their principles. Taking the time to get clear and stay clear on a personal level as to what we are seeking is a good idea for the foreseeable future.

I believe it is also going to be an enlightening year for those of us who are willing to follow the money to see where it leads or who it enriches, so as to understand the intentions in play. Following and supporting those who do these research activities and are good at it will be sure to be rewarding for both parties too.

Occult Activities

The Devil archetype also brings with it some hubris, as in extreme pride and foolish overconfidence, as well as representing an overtly negative occult relationship to the Divine Principles of Creation. I could reasonably read this as a factor sure to show up in a ramped up and observable way all throughout 2019.

We are learning more and more about how the elites use occult symbols and negative (evil, distorted) occult principles (rituals) to create worldly scenarios (like false flags), while tricking us into co-creating with them (problem, reaction, solution). I predict these attempts will come to the surface even more this year, with exposes on such activities happening almost simultaneously. Both the drive to create such distortions in realities and the drive to expose them into extremity are present in this archetype, so one accompanies the other in fast succession this year in 2019.

The Challenges and the Blessings

I doubt that those of us firmly on the path of claiming our Divine human sovereignty are going to be too challenged this year with all the temptations offered to buy into or purchase false values. What I see as challenging here is going to be about enduring the non-stop in our face invitations to obviously false and twisted values that are sure to come with this influence.

The blessing here, from my point of view, is how off the hook and epically obvious the falsehoods and the con jobs are sure to be. It is going to be so easy to see, in a direct and obvious fashion, for anyone paying attention. Surely this will lead to many more of those who haven’t yet woken up to realize what is in plain sight.

Also the personal facades of anyone and everyone on the prowl and looking for victims are going to be crumbling too this year. The choices we make are going to clearly show what we are seeking, what our true values are, and whether or not we can find our way to be in our personal integrity. Intentions become clear under such conditions, if only we watch to see them.

The offers to side step from aligning with these crucial elements like personal integrity will be right there to grasp, if we want to go that route. How tempting is this? This is going to be an on-going question for everyone, and it’s sure to be up in the news feeds concerning anyone with any public attention on them.

The Payoff

Since the archetypal energies of the Devil card are all about the payoff (at least the promised payoff or the carrot on the stick), I might as well mention the possibility of a higher form of payoff in all this. 

Though the challenges and temptations this year are sure to be pervasive, there is a very real possibility to sort through all our desires to clarify and detoxify them.

Desires are not the enemy here, but being really clear on them is going to be a massive boon this year. Like being the loop portion of a velcro strip, our desires provide the spots for all the hooks from the temptations offered up this year to drag us in and enslave us. Where we are already enslaved will no longer be invisible either, if we care to acknowledge it.

Recognizing where and what these hooks are in ourselves is a good thing. The trick is not to be clear of or denounce all desires, but to be clear and honest about what these desires are. It’s a basic part of the path of mastery and this time is the perfect time to uncover, for ourselves, exactly what these desires we have are all about.

Are we desiring as we are manipulated to do, or are we clear on what we truly desire from deep inside? 2019 is going to show us some of what this is on a personal and on a collective level. How difficult and costly this process is individually is going to depend on participating on a conscious level, and on how much conscious clarity we already have developed.

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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