sunAndrea: Hello to the assembled ones here attending me. If I’ve understood correctly what I’ve been given in these sessions of automatic writing so far, this large gathering with me is one that attends not only myself, but others as well. In the words I’ve been told over and over, WE are One.

Even so, I’d prefer it if you’d come forward in a way that allows for me to have some notion who I’m talking with. This makes it easier to establish some trust and some way for me to know you or a portion of you. Heh, yea, this can be a bit confusing from my perspective, so who wishes to come forward at this time?

And how odd that I’m feeling almost a bit of stage fright here. This also isn’t the first time lately I’ve had this feeling concerning another situation.

So, may we begin? Who will come forward to speak with me?

Sun speaks: I will come. I AM here among the many and yet we are all the ONE. You may call me by the name of antiquity if you wish or by a name of intimacy, as you please. In antiquity, I AM called Ram, and I AM called the Child of the Sun, and I AM called the Sun God, and I AM called the charioteer of the physical Sun.

Apollo, I AM as well. You may simply call me Brother, as I AM your peer in value, if not in stature at this moment. I AM what you may someday choose to become in service and Being.

I come forward to tell you of this moment and of the message of photon expansion happening in this now. The photons, or if you will, angelic energies, the angles of the light streaming through the Sol of your solar system, I AM.

At this juncture of what you refer to as time and space, there is a mighty stream of photons coming in at the level beyond what your physical senses (or scientific instruments) can register.

Many of you are feeling this in various ways, so there is some sensing of this happening for you, but for the most part it’s being sensed and misconstrued as all sorts of other things. Some of you think you are having physical maladies, some are wondering if there is some sort of emotional disturbance, or some combination of all this.

The mental pool of the human collective is afire with many question marks and exclamation marks too, concerning what is more simply the mighty influx of light energies striking the surface of Gaia at this time. Indeed, not only the surface is being affected, but this light is of a quality that it passed right through Gaia and right through everything on and in her, and everything that is before, behind, and above and below her.

There’s nothing that isn’t being affected by this light. You may choose to associate this light with what you conceive of as angelic energies. This would not totally be correct, but in a sense, it isn’t totally incorrect either.

Rather than originating from the angelic realms, this light is coming from the realms of the Creator Source and as such forms a sort of ‘super-highway’ for angelic entities to ride on, if you will. This rarified and pure source of raw energy and power is the stuff of creation and the angelic energies and entities are well formed to flow with and utilize these photons.

They do so in concert with the Creator Source and also with the spark of Creator Source within each one of the awakening humans on the Earth. In concert also with Gaia and all her kingdoms, as She is, like me, the I AM which is in alignment with Source and flowing with the mighty Light come to transmute and transfigure all in its reach.

This reach is infinite and beyond even what the I AM we are can encompass. Infinity is all, I AM infinity, and so are you.  So it is.

I AM here to bestow a blessing on you, and to ask that you allow this blessing to catapult you out of the cage you’ve come to accept and expect. Allow for the ‘fright’ and discomfort to pass, as it will. This is but a moment of allowing for the change to settle in and for you to come to rest in the next moment. The next moment is here already, and as you can see and feel, it has come without you having to consciously create it, or without you having to know what to do.

Relax. This Light, these photons, the angelic energies and entities that accompany them are Benevolent. Beyond benevolence, they serve only Love and this is their Divine purpose here and everywhere, now and every when.

Next time you come for a conversation with this group, there will be One waiting to speak with you and the conversation will take a new turn. Release what you can of the discomfort of not knowing who, it will be a surprise that will delight you.

Farewell, little sister, for now. Let my light shine of your skin a few minutes each day, as this will ease your physical vessel in this transitionary phase. Allow for my early morning rays to come into your eyes for a short time as well, as this will help to balance your subtle bodies and give you more energy. Ground daily to Gaia and love her at those moments with all your might.  This will be returned to you heavily multiplied and instantaneously.

With love and with the warmth of the SUN, I bid you farewell for now.

Andrea: Thank you!  Farewell…

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