multitudeI am here and looking for greater clarity.  Who is here?

’’We come to attend you.’’

(Here I experienced ‘them’ as a multitude of beings.  I felt like I was on stage in a stadium!)

Who are ‘we’?

We are a conglomeration of those who are with you.  We came with you when you came, and we stand by.  We watch and we are here to anchor.  We sing!

You sing?

We sing, and this is so there is frequency in form for your use, should you choose it.

My mid station (thought I was typing ‘meditation’) shows me the blue ray and the golden ray for my colors.  Is this true and what does this mean?

You are based in blue, but come from golden.  This means you have come with the blue ray to assist you.

Does this mean the same as AAMichael assisting me?

His ray is the blue, and you are His.  You are here on His mission and doing His bidding, and these (things) you already know.   There has been a long assos=ciation* with you and He, and also there is a direct connection for special purpose between you.

What about the golden ray?

This ray is two-fold and one of them is the Venus s7hatni7jaranahdntyen9tyern8sn. **

(the other is AAGabriel and there was too much too fast to catch it)

AAG, the golden ray, is necessary for you to have the solar plexus ‘(a concept here without a proper translation into a word)’, and the courage to go forward against all odds, without resorting to defensiveness or acting out the warrior.  The balance is in self-confidence vs the arrogance of the past.

Should I continue to practice this everyday?

Yes!  We will support you in this, and this will eventually be the greatest boon for you and also for others.

Is this to be personal or can it be shared?

Deeply personal and also to be shared widely in the end.

So I am to be a channel?

You are channeling for long enough now to own it! (laughter)

Will I be shown the way to deepen and expand this capacity?

You come equipped with the ways and means to do this.  It is a natural to you as swimming is to a fish.  The challenge is to practice and to release the resistance.  Do not worry about the flights of the ego, and do not worry about the stumbles.  Proceed in confidence and we will support you.

Thank you for coming, it is enough now.

W kive yy (we love you).  Farewell.


I left the equal sign in the center of this word because it holds encoded within it the reminder to me of the dream of AAMichael where I experienced and understood plainly that He wished to be regarded as an absolute equal to me!  No one could have been more amazed, but this is the subject of repeated dreams with Him.

** the ‘word’, s7hatni7jaranahdntyen9tyern8sn was actually a giant download of information, as explained in the next automatic writing session, in another post.

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