extremeDoes it seem to anyone else that there is an experience of more polarity rather than the less so many of us have been expecting?

Perhaps this is the splitting of the timelines or worlds which many have spoken of, I can’t say, but I can say my own experience has been that there is a much more clear demarcation between my little bubble of positivity and those who are choosing to focus on the negative.

It seems like it takes more effort to focus on the negative now than the positive.  Wow! I can’t remember it ever being like this before!  I wonder if this is the tipping point?  At least for me personally?

When it takes more effort to pay attention to what ails me than to what doesn’t, this is a shift I can live with.  The negative is still there to focus on, that hasn’t changed.  What’s changed is my willingness to do so.

Not only my willingness, my energy to do so.  The moments I do, it drains me so quickly and feels so wrong, I just can’t find it in me to continue to do it.  I can’t find my wanna, and no matter what the supposed reason for it, I can’t convince myself to go there anymore.

What used to be a concerted effort to stay on the sunny side of the street now seems more like both sides are sunny.  Has someone flipped a switch?

No, there are some still wanting to convince me to fear, hate, and be full of loathing.  There is nothing to hook me in anymore it seems.  If it can’t help, then why do it?  If it harms no one else, it harms me.  In fact, I can’t stomach it, and in order to get my juice back at all, to get off full stop, I have to turn away and go the other direction.

It feels impossible that I could have ever fallen for what is out there now hooking people to generate fear.  In fact, I can’t imagine having the energy to generate fear at all, not in these energies.  Yet I see that some people still are, and sometimes they are quite near me.

So close and yet in a different world.  We speak the same language and yet there’s no way to communicate with them, at least not from the mind.  Not about anything that matters.

I noticed this today, and a swelling occurred in my heart over it.  Since there was nothing to say that would penetrate the mind in any meaningful way, I just put my heart into my eyes and into my smile.

It was like waving from a different world, but I wanted to do it all the same.  At first the look was puzzled, but then I saw their heart come out to meet mine.  All in a smile.  Imagine that…

I am thinking there is no way to convince anyone of what I am talking about here.  This is a personal journey and we are all on our own path.  All I can really do is walk my walk and put my heart in it.

Just that, and maybe share it with a smile.  Even if it is across a divide.

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