The Real Deal

Reflections from people who've had the Adept for Hire magic for themselves.

During the last years, Andrea has made several readings for me. Each one of them has been different, but they have all been truly amazing, filled with insight and things for me to ponder about. Some readings has been straight forward and some has been more convoluted, and has given me new understandings each time I have read them. In my opinion, Andrea is the real deal, and I find both her and her readings to be filled with integrity.

Kim Nestlén-Staaf, Sweden

Andrea Scully, expert and honourable. My experience as a client of Andrea has been very positive.

I have asked for a channelled reading, which was packed full of relevance, and not a word of rubbish the usual Psychic software provides, as she is the real deal. Recently, I asked for and received several pages of a Tarot reading. Again, a warts and all, relevant job done. I’ll be back. Andrea is trustworthy, accurate and a super value.

Dawn Bellamy, Australia

Andrea, your reading are always spot on! You have a strong sense of what lingers in a person’s energy field, and an inviting way of clearly expressing things which fosters understanding and the ability to take new choices. What an awesome skill-set! I’m so glad that you offer it to a wider audience now so more people can benefit from it. Thank you for your support on my path!

Devapriya, Germany

We’re told we have all answers within, I agree, though sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else. I’m deeply grateful to have had connected with Andrea, and to have received a reading from Andrea’s sister self, Aster, was as grounding and soothing like a good cup of tea, something you just needed at the right time, and it came with little gems that I’m still realising one year later. Thank you.

Paul Newing, China
Andrea! I knew you were excellent at doing readings intuitively. You helped me so much in May 2015 to realize who I really am but how astonished I was when I received the last one depicting precisely the overwhelming challenges that I was going through! It’s so good that you’ve decided to ‘come out’ more publicly with your tremendous hidden abilities in this field.
Fernande Rancourt, Canada

“Great stuff. Fantastic reader, very insightful and has a powerful intuition. Well worth it.”

Steven Lynch, Australia
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