Day Fourteen: Indentifying Frequency and Names


Andrea: Hello, On-aira. Here we are on day fourteen, two weeks now and the time is slipping by quickly it seems. I can't decide if this is getting easier to do this or not. It feels like there’s still quite a bit of resistance, [...]

Day Fourteen: Indentifying Frequency and Names2017-10-16T09:52:44-04:00

Commune With an Air Elemental For 40 Days


by iriloth The appearance of an air elemental asking to commune in this message is its focus. She's invited me to commune for 40 days, saying there are 'packages' I've left with them to hold for me until I am ready to [...]

Commune With an Air Elemental For 40 Days2017-10-15T01:19:30-04:00

Language and Encoded Meanings


Hello. First, may I have someone step forward and identify themselves as the speaker today? I love the way there’s encoded meanings in the messages I’ve been getting from these writing sessions. Is this always the way of them? Kamana Merayna. I’m a unified [...]

Language and Encoded Meanings2017-10-16T09:43:31-04:00