Day Eleven: Energy Level Depleted


Andrea: Today is day eleven. It’s been a really busy day for me and I’m tired. Here I am as agreed though, and would be glad to receive whatever there is you have to share with me, On-aira. I’m finding it difficult to settle [...]

Day Eleven: Energy Level Depleted2017-10-22T04:07:43-04:00

Day Four: Preparation For the Reunion of Spirit and Body


Andrea: I come through the portal with the air elemental sign on the door to meet on day four with On-aira, the air elemental as agreed upon. This is the fourth day in the forty we agreed to meet. On-aira, are you with me [...]

Day Four: Preparation For the Reunion of Spirit and Body2017-10-16T09:46:40-04:00

Day Two: The Body is the Chamber of Gaia


Andrea: On-aira, I am here. It feels safe this time in this darkness somehow. Like a womb feeling, a supportive feeling instead of a squeezing one like before. On-aira: Ah. This is good that you’ve adjusted to this initial strangeness, this contrast to your everyday [...]

Day Two: The Body is the Chamber of Gaia2017-10-16T09:45:34-04:00

Feeling on the Edge


I've been feeling lately. Oh, I know I've always been feeling, but this is a somehow a new sort of experience for me. It's like I'm on the edge. There's a newness in this feeling that's slippery to describe, but I want to give it [...]

Feeling on the Edge2017-10-15T02:16:12-04:00

Honor the Body and the Singing of Co-Creation


I am here. Shall we begin? We begin by saying to you we love you, and we are pleased that you have been spending more time with the body.  The time for ignoring her needs is ending now, if one would wish for the [...]

Honor the Body and the Singing of Co-Creation2017-10-16T09:33:42-04:00

On Prosperity, Lack, and Perspective


Like everyone I know, I've given a lot of attention and thought to prosperity.  With the talk of revaluing currency, the global reset, and the continuing needs of Lightworkers, there's a lot to think about. My own life experience has been all over the place [...]

On Prosperity, Lack, and Perspective2017-10-14T07:40:28-04:00

The Last Days of Extreme Polarity


Does it seem to anyone else that there is an experience of more polarity rather than the less so many of us have been expecting? Perhaps this is the splitting of the timelines or worlds which many have spoken of, I can't say, but [...]

The Last Days of Extreme Polarity2017-10-06T09:57:46-04:00