Day Ten: On Emotional Expansion and Blessing the Waters


Andrea: This is day ten of our forty days of meetings. Yesterday I showed up and there was nothing. After sitting and waiting for a while, I got the message to come back today after a day of integration. On-aira: A day of integration [...]

Day Ten: On Emotional Expansion and Blessing the Waters2017-10-16T09:50:18-04:00

The Multitude Sings


I am here and looking for greater clarity.  Who is here? ’’We come to attend you.’’ (Here I experienced 'them' as a multitude of beings.  I felt like I was on stage in a stadium!) Who are 'we'? We are a conglomeration of those [...]

The Multitude Sings2017-10-16T09:32:17-04:00

First Contact Through Automatic Writing


Who is here? We are here. Who is we? We are ONE. Is there anything you can tell me? We can say we are here always.  We can tell you we are you in love.  We want to abide in the temple of you [...]

First Contact Through Automatic Writing2017-10-16T09:31:49-04:00