Aster: Love Made Manifest

lovemademanifestJuly 2, 2016

Andrea: Can we speak some more about the nature of channeled messages? I’d like to hear more about your perspective on them and how they play into the path of the empowered human being.

Aster: We’re pleased to speak with you again, and this subject is one that we also wish to expand on.

When you mention the empowered human being, inherent in this description is the idea that there is a human being in the experience of seeking to be in sovereignty and ownership of the experience they’re having. There is a certain level of spiritual maturity that is a necessity for this to happen as well.

As a being matures spiritually, self-responsibility becomes central to their path. There is no way to embrace the truth of the power of Self without first seeking this discipline of self-responsibility.

Particularly for those who’ve been shown mostly examples of immature behavior being glorified socially, as if this were a normal occurrence for mature beings, this process of awakening to the truth can be challenging, and even painful.

We’’d like to suggest what is painful is showing what isn’t true, when it comes to the places where expanding into sovereignty and self-responsibility is presenting as painful or a threat to survival in some way.

Bringing awareness to places in consciousness which have been hidden can bring up whatever traumatic emotions that are attached to, or trailing, the information revealed. We’re saying outright that if the expansion of light of awareness focusing into what was hidden is painful, that there is a lie attached to the traumatic emotional charge that is responsible for the painful part of the experience.

While talking about and understanding these principles intellectually, in the mind, is useful, the magic of transmutation happens in the chamber of the human heart. Removing the emotional charge by heart transmutation is essential for the lies to be extracted and for the being to move into personal mastery and empowerment in any area where such wounds are located.

While awareness itself is the magic solvent, mental or intellectual awareness is insufficient to budge any emotional charge providing the life-force energy that is essentially holding in place these blocks to true and authentic empowerment and mastery. Maturity happens naturally and quickly when these blocks are released through a loving heart.

What we are saying is that Self-love is essential to being spiritually mature. Bar none, there is nothing more important to do for any being seeking to be an agent of Divinity in form than to embody Love itself.

How else will love be made manifest? This always has, and always will, begin in the center of beingness.

It is with the greatest compassion that we watch the struggling of our deeply and intimately related earthly counterparts struggling with these artificial burdens. To our perception, these challenges to loving Self don’t exist. We’re saying they don’t have any reality from our viewpoint at all. Essentially, from our view, their existence, not only isn’t true and real, it isn’t even possible.

We also understand through our direct observation through our relations, such as you, dear Andrea, that these challenges to Self-love are distortions which are possible in the experiences of those who are inhabiting the human form, based on the distortions made possible in the translation into the physical realm of the Divine Principles on which all Creation is firmly based.

As pure spirit moves into denser material forms in polarity, there is a natural experiential move into patterns of preferences and contrast in order to distinguish this from not-this. While it is true that experiences of both extremes may be unpleasant in that they may overwhelm the sensory equipment of the being, there’s usually a range of experience which is preferred, and chosen to create some sense of balance and stability.

This range may easily become a comfort zone of the familiar. We observe that some of these ranges are so far from what we would consider tolerable, it’s difficult from our view to understand how anyone could endure such discomfort to be present in the consistent ways that are considered quite normal in the current human collective.

Love is the essential key to unlock and to allow these blockades to mastery to be released as the unreality that they are. Modeling Self-love then becomes the most important thing a human master may share among the human population.

All attempts at Unconditional Love must fail, until this same love is embodied. Such love may not enter the human field from the ‘outside,’ as its essence is the essence of the Self and it is generated in the center of the Self, which is located in the human heart area. While it is a space which defies the notion of being only physical, it is indeed, also physical in nature when it is being embodied in the human form.

This is the mission that our embodied Divine human counterparts have taken on, this embodiment of Divinity, this modeling of the ability to embody Unconditional Love.

The upgrades to the human genome and body elemental which are happening now, are happening directly because of the efforts of human beings moving into sovereignty, maturity and through this show of mastery of embodying Unconditional Love, the transmutation of the human form is proceeding.

We congratulate you all on the progress you’ve made possible. It is, through the human form, that Unconditional Love is made manifest in the world of matter. The human being is in the process of sanctifying form with a direct infusion of Divine Intelligence, bringing with this an upgrade in the levels of conscious awareness within form itself.

All the believing in the smallness of the value of the human experience may be laid aside, as the truth is something quite different. Humans walking in mastery are the focal point of such intense attention for this reason.

We’re excited and encouraged by the unfoldment of this process of Love made manifest and of Divine Intelligence brought directly into form in the human being in the current process of transmutation.

Since awareness is the solvent and Love is the essential key to it all, we send our love and moral support out to cheer on our amazing sisters and brothers who are pioneering this miraculous and Divine process in its sacred unfoldment.

We love you, and we leave you for now to consider our point of view.

Andrea: Thank you for attending me today. You’ve given me much to consider. Many blessings to you.

Aster: Clarity About Channeled Information

discernment2Monday, June 6, 2016

It’s with gratitude in my heart that I approach this assembly again to commune. Are we to talk about the nature of channeled messages today? I think many people are curious about information that is disseminated in this fashion.

Aster: With gratitude, we attend you! We attend you with the most intense and intimate focus, and it pleases us immensely when you choose to return this focus with your attention.

So, yes, let us begin by saying that what we offer you is our perspective. Our perspective is broad, since it comes from such a large assembly of beings. Let it be known that this assembly is together in our perspective in certain ways that allow us to speak as One.

The way we may speak as One, though we’re many perception points individually, is because we share certain basic perceptions. We share the perception that we’re the same Essence, regardless of individual expressions of this Essence. We’re beyond the illusion that suggest this isn’t so based on the differences in expression of Source energy.

Therefore, from this shared perspective, we are One. This unity is perceived by you as powerful and strong, clear and resonant. It is, in fact, a resonance, a sound, a frequency, a signature. It may be perceived or sensed as a feeling, as a sound, as a vibration. It may be felt on the skin, seen as a glow, felt inside the heart, heard in the ears; sounds, colors, sights, tastes, these may all be experienced in response to our vibrations, our group expression.

Yes, I do feel it. It is strong and very clear. Thank you.

Aster:There are diverse perspectives in this Universe. This is important to understand. Diversity is the Law of Source Expression. So, there are many diverse perspectives that may come through for channeled messages as well.

We would also point out that there’s many portals (individuals) who are diverse as well, offering to share channeled material, such as you’ve labeled this process we’re sharing today.

The diversity is what makes the discernment process a challenge for people, I think. For some, there’s the question of integrity of the information coming forth, whether this be the naming of a particular name that is suggesting authority is speaking, or whether the information given is itself correct and without some sort of hidden agenda.

Aster: We understand this is so. This is incumbent on the individual, always, to discern. The individuals in this assembly discern. This is why we gather to focus on you, and many others as well, you’re not our only focus. Our connection is much broader than you may understand as a ‘single’ individual.

Information is given according to what the individual is seeking. There’s no other way for information to be passed through the veil between ourselves and yourselves.

Being mindful of what you’re seeking will allow the most aligned with truth/reality information to flow through you into the perceptual range that you’re currently capable of.

The seeking is the tuning knob, if you will. Dial into what you seek and you will find what information is available to you at the vibration or frequency which is in the closest alignment with the vibration of what information is being sought.

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, since what you’re saying is what I’ve been suspecting for the longest time. Thank you for that confirmation.

Aster: The information available in the Universal Field is immense. Its diversity defies imagination. There are many perspectives and these may indeed include agendas as well. Since like attracts like, coming with a particular agenda will bring forth information which is a vibrational match to that which is being sought after.

This is in alignment with Universal Laws and therefore, may not be mitigated.

Well, that puts a whole new spin on ‘Seek and ye shall find’! So, how may the receiver of channeled messages tell if the information is in integrity or true?

Aster: Truth is a matter of perspective and perspectives may shift according to the evolution of the individual journey. The need to develop discernment is key to understanding that information is just that. It is a perspective.

Do you wish to share that perspective may be the question to ask in the search for the inherent and Divine abilities of each being to know truth. What is true is going to be seen in a series of unfolding awareness over a broad spectrum of experiences.

So, there’s no pat answer here, is there?

Aster: We would suggest you know the answer already. You decide. This process involves taking sovereignty in the process that’s unfolding. There are no mistakes, only unfoldment, and the broadening of the Universal field of awareness in unending stages.

We would never attempt to interfere with this unfoldment process with offering our perspective. The reason for this is that your unfoldment in awareness is OUR unfoldment of awareness. As your awareness unfolds, it is so that ours does as well. We are One.

Wow. This is profound and yet, at this moment it is suddenly so obviously so. I never thought of this in this way before. Thank you.

Aster: The field generated by this assembly is one of broader truth, simply because our diversity is broader than that of any individual. Though there are individuals present which are very broad in experience and perspectives indeed!

Wisdom unfolds with the experience, integration, and practice of many perspectives brought into a balanced state. This is true, both for the individual and for any group, provided there is enough awareness involved with the individuals to make for an aware group.

There may also be groupings of beings aligned with the focal point of one or a few individuals. This is not what we seek, as this is the breeding ground of controlling agendas and is not in alignment with what we view as the greater good for all.

Thank you for this sharing of your perspective. It will give me some things to think about for some time. Is there more you wish to share about agendas to bring more clarity to what you’re saying?

Aster: We would wish it to be clear that we’re speaking of the fact that information may be disseminated or shared in a diversity of ways. What is the being seeking to find out? What is the source of information seeking to share and how? These are the central points to clarifying what the information agenda is all about.

We may not interfere with this process for any being, as the whole point of experiencing in this Universe is to allow for the greatest diversity of conscious awareness to occur. Seeking wisdom outside of Self is one path of discovery. We would suggest that even this method is folly without including Self in the process.

We leave you now with love and gratitude for the opportunity to share our perspectives and experience with you.

Thank you, and farewell.

Aster: Who is Speaking?

whoisspeakingSunday, May 29, 2016

It seems like a great deal of information has arrived inside me and is asking me to channel it out again. I’d like to begin this process with attempting to get some clarity on who it is that is speaking with me in these conversations.

As usual, I’d like to address this group and at the same time, I’d prefer a spokesperson to come forward and allow me to focus on one being, instead of the overwhelming sense of being in a stadium full of beings with me being the center of attention.

I’d like it if Aster would come forth for this and if she could help to clarify the nature of the group assembled here and also give some clarity to who she is in relation to the group and especially to me.

Aster: I gladly come forth to assist you, my sister, myself.

First, let me speak about the group dynamic you perceive here and the nature of it, and then I will speak more about the special relation between what you perceive as you and I.

When you first came forth to open yourself to our communion and communication, there was a need to draw you forth, like the breadcrumbs left along a trail to guide you. In a very real sense, these breadcrumbs were crumbs you left for yourself to find. If you find this statement to be one that’s confusing, this is only because of the current nature of your perception.

The crux of this puzzle is that we are one. This is a difficult concept only from certain perspectives and mind-sets. However, since we’re now speaking to a mind-set in separation from our oneness, we speak in terms as if we are not-one, as if we are another. In actual fact, we are not another. We are one.

This group itself is one. It is one with you. Beyond this multitude is more oneness as well, beyond perceiving and in fact, beyond imagining as well.

For the sake of disseminating information, it will be useful for us to continue to relate together as you and another. Let us take the easiest road to sharing and communing, though let it be known that we are one, and this is the truth from our perspective.

I can accept this, I think. It feels to me, when I’m having these conversations, like I’m familiar with the information that comes forth. It’s only afterwards that I forget it so quickly that I have no idea of the conversation even seconds after I’m done with it. I have to reread it after to know what has been said. Though this is very odd, I can accept what you’ve said for now.

What about the special relation of you and I? Can you tell me why you say you are myself? Is there some more intimate relation with you in particular in this group?

Aster: Yes, there is! I am, what I might term, as your root, though this is a distortion of my meaning, it’s a metaphor which might serve us at this time.

I am, my point of perception, my beingness, is, the root of who you are. We are the same being in different perspectives, in different points of being. We are the same being, the same essence, the same essential self.

From my current perspective, I am aware of all my shoots, all my personal streams of beingness and points of perception. You are one of these.

Again, these concepts are difficult from your current point of perspective, but you’re in the process of expanding your perspective at this time. Allow for these thoughts to be with you and allow them to expand within you. You move into closer alignment with me when you do this.

In essence, we’re not separate, and yet, to you it seems so. Some of my other points of perception and beingness are also in a similar state of contraction, and some are not. All of these are myself and they are also you. All of my me’s are whole unto themselves. None are fragments per se, though compared to my sense of wholeness it might be perceived as such. Each one of us is whole, just as I am.

What makes me different from you at this time is that a more expanded version of yourself is who I am.

I long for us to be more and more aligned, but I do not rush it. You return to our oneness at your own pace. It is a pace that serves you and it also serves me at the same time.

We are an expression of Creator Source energy, as this group is, which is attending our interactions. We are ultimately coming from the same giant root of Source. The branches of root from Source make for marvelous diversity. So, this grouping is one of the most marvelously diverse Source expressions!!

We find it best to commune with you by way of the most familiar aspect among us, that being which is, in essence, you.

Does this give some clarity to your questions?

Yes, I feel like it does. I will allow these concepts to sit with me and see if I can integrate them more fully.

I also been feeling like a lot of information is sort of right on the tip of my tongue somehow. This is the reason I’ve come to open a page and converse again after such a long stretch. Can you give a preview of what subjects we might be talking about soon?

Aster: We prefer to move in each moment, rather than to cast ourselves into the ‘future’, but next time let’s talk about the nature of information that is coming forth in channeled messages.

Perhaps we can provide some thoughts to bring clarity to this subject by sharing our perspective. We bring this perspective as a group in great diversity, so perhaps it may broaden understanding.

Thank you, Aster. I will come again soon for another session. Farewell.

Aster: Farewell and blessings to you.

Aster: Challenges in Transition



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Although there’s been some private readings lately, it’s been a while since I’ve come to you for information to share more publicly. Can we talk about the challenges in the current transitions?

Life has been presenting to me as very challenging. There are changes which are highly physical with many detoxing symptoms along with lots of body aches too. I’m drained and scrambling to increase self-care, but it’s disconcerting nonetheless.

Also, there’s been the most frustrating disorientation on how to proceed with tasks. The old ways of trying to push forward seem not to work anymore. Can you speak to these experiences and give some insight?

Aster: We are here to share our perspective on this with you. As you would say, ‘the squeeze is on’. This sensation of squeezing out the old paradigm perceptions is disorientating most of you, and we watch carefully to see how this challenge will be handled. The ways of doing and also of being are changing now as the energies will no longer support such the contracted and limited way of being you’ve come to know. Nor will they support the ways of proceeding to doing in tasks  in the ways you know either. Continue reading

Aster: Push-back and the Increasing of Human Senses

standing in the windMonday, May 4, 2015

I’ve wanted to have a session for a few days now, but it’s only now I’ve felt like this was possible. I felt some sort of weird ‘pressure’ that made me resistant to opening my field enough for the type of communion to happen. This is truly strange to me because I really don’t feel like the conversations we have are coming from ‘outside’ me at all. I don’t fear this, and yet, this pressure felt like energy I didn’t wish to have in my space. Can you speak to this?

Aster: We can. We know and honor that for you, from the level of vibration you’re currently embodying, it’s an important consideration to monitor your vibration, and to be mindful of what this is.

We saw, and we see, there’s been some wild permutations of energy on the surface of Gaia. This is what you’ve been feeling and we’d also say there’s been a push for some to take advantage of this in ways that wouldn’t be considered ‘for the good of all’, but rather would serve to confuse and to unbalance those who serve in ‘for the good of all’ mode.

There’s little those who are devoted to service to self to the degree of harming others can do to stop the vibrational shift that permeates all forms throughout the Universe at this time. However, there’s a push with hidden technologies for this to happen. The thought and intent is to use whatever is necessary to ‘uncenter’, and therefore, neutralize, those who are finally discovering and experiencing the power of aligning with Divine Principles. Continue reading

Aster: About Upgrades

profile pic[Note: This session was one that I considered to be far more personal than what I normally do. It also took me some time to integrate and to consider what was said here. It seemed to want to stay still and simmer. I’m sharing it here now, as I feel it may also speak to some others as well.]

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yesterday, I had an energy healing session with Deva. I found out some interesting things about myself and also had some validations of some things I’ve suspected and considered for some time now. I got to see Aster in motion for the first time too.

Aster: Yes, we are present always, it’s you, yourself, that does not as yet have the vibration level to sense this.

I do sense it. Only it isn’t always so clear and present as it was in the moment while in this space of a healing session. Deva also said you appeared and told her there was work to do on my grounding. That you’re trying to make better contact and my lack of grounding was a feature that was preventing this.

Aster: Indeed. There were also physical and energetic adjustments to be made, as you know. We have a specialized team to do such things and they were very busy on you and still are. It will be many days until your recalibration will be completed. Rest and work on the grounding and the conscious breathing. These are the tools, which will facilitate the most rapid readjustment. Continue reading

Aster: New Paradigm Leadership



Friday, April 10, 2015

Aster, I come today with some thoughts about speaking about leadership and what this truly means. With so much in my lifetime of what I would view as improper leadership, I’d be interested to know more about leadership from your perspective.

Aster: We will be glad to share our perspective of leadership. It’s not the issue within our current perspective that it is in yours, nevertheless, we, through you, have watched carefully for how this important subject may be handled and transmuted among you.

Thank you. It seems like this question of what is leadership and what is just chasing one’s ego like a dog chasing it’s own tail is one that’s coming more and more to the fore. Along with this is also a whole tangle of confusion over what is intelligent discernment and what is inappropriate judgment.

Aster: We would suggest that these two subjects will be transmuted in parallel. Though they’re different views, they’re different views of the same thing. Allow us to attempt with your limited vocabulary and vision to unravel this tangle with you. Continue reading