I’ve been a student of symbols for a long time now.  So let me begin with a very rough outline of this study in my life.  It’s been a rather eclectic mix of the metaphysical and the scientific, taking it all in seeking to understand myself and the world around me.

I started studying astrology when I was 6 years old, and have been studying it ever since.  When I was 17, I was given a deck of Tarot cards by a friend.  I found out later they were more than 100 years old.  Amazingly, I still have them, and have been reading them now for 38 years.

Numerology is another of my favorites.  Numbers are extremely rich in their inherent meanings and directly related to geometry always.  I truly got into it in my mid-thirties and mapped out my life up until 2012 at that time.  (A memory that makes me say, hmm, why not 2011 or 2014?)

The study of archetypes has always fascinated me.  Jungian psychology was a good place to do this, as was being a Wiccan priestess since the mid-1980s.  Suffice it to say, that my passion for this study of icons and meanings has taken me down the road to contemplating the nature of symbols for a long, long time.

I’d like to attempt to unwrap the package contained in the download on 12-12-12 and share it here.  It’s taken me some time to integrate it enough to put some words to what was mostly wordless direct experiential knowing to begin with.  This sort of direct knowing is perhaps the way we will be given knowledge in the days ahead.  I hope I can do it some justice here.

During the download on the 12-12-12, as I’ve said before, I visioned geometric symbols seeming to rain down on me.  The experience itself was full of sensual intensity.  There were colors, sounds, and feelings coming in so fast that there was no way to focus on any one thing at all during the first phase of it.

Normally, this would have put me into unconsciousness, but this time it wasn’t to play out that way.  I was wide awake, even though I could barely move.  Once the initial phase of the download was over, there was a much-more-than-3D movie-like series of images rolling through me.

When I say images, this isn’t the correct word for it.  It was much more than images.   I felt it deep inside of me.  As well as visual, it was sound; taste, smell, and touch were all in there too.  The most disconcerting thing about it was that I could feel it all in my core, at my very center.  None of it was ‘out there’ or neutral, it was all, every little part of it, in me, and I was in it.  In the center of it, in the essence of it; there was I.  For wave after wave, I was a ‘captive audience’.

The way it presented to me was very telling as well.  The main theme was a spiral.  I saw (and experienced being the essence of) many, many examples of manifestations of a spiral in nature.

The focus spiraled in to the smallest of examples and back out to the largest in size, the broadest in scope.  From the spiraling energies of the electrons spinning around an atom swapping places in their valences (and swapping places in space across universes,) to galaxies, which themselves formed spirals in their life cycles as well as in their movements through space and time.

The essence of this theme in the middle range of it was all about the nature of Gaia’s kingdoms.  The examples in nature are endless and I was so many of them it would be silly to even try to name them all.  The essential nature of all living things, in how they are formed, how they grow, how they move through time and space are spiral.

The Living Universe is manifested in a spiral.

The point of perception, or the focal point being looked at in any moment, may be moving so slow or fast, or be so small or large, that we don’t normally perceive this, but it is so.  This direct knowing was full of this teaching.  If not visible from where one is currently viewing, the spiral will be from a broader or closer view.

At the center of the understanding was that my own body or bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental, or etherial, were all expressing this sacred spiral too.

Included are the manifestations of all that we normally don’t consider to be living. There isn’t one thing in manifestation that isn’t by its nature a spiral or expressing a spiral in some way.  This went on and on for many hours, and the revelations, the ah-ha moments left me breathless.

My comprehension of time and space were also heavily enhanced by this spiraling out and back again of revelations during the hours I lay with my eyes closed that day wide awake.

One dimension of the direct knowing I was receiving was about cycles, and there were many cycles of my thought and vision that ranged far out, and then back into my core again.  Even as it presented the knowing that cycles are spirals and that the Living Universe is never-endingly creating and recreating in spiraling cycles for infinity.

It’s no wonder that the spiral is carved into rocks from times so remote that it boggles the mind!  How many shamans throughout history have taken this journey and experienced this direct knowing?  How much of this is remembering?

Interspersed with the spiral were many other both simple and complex geometric forms.  All these are related to the spiral as well, whether it is obvious at first glance or whether it is visible only in motion.

The direct knowing coming from the download was so profound and yet so complex to explain.  At the same time, it was the most simplifying and clarifying lessons ever given to me so far in my memory.

There is much more to this, but I think I’ll stop here for now.  There are many layers to this experience, I think unwrapping it will take more than one try, and this is enough for today.

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