motionNight before last, while lying in bed before sleeping, yet another series of integrations were taking place concerning the sacred geometry subject that I have been trying to unravel.  I wanted to write it down while it is still fresh in my mind in case it tries to subsume again into the unconscious realms.

The spiraling action of the ability to comprehend layers of meaning has once again displayed itself in my awareness.  I lay there and had extremely clear and visually complex 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional, and more-dimensional sacred geometrical images which went on for some time, perhaps an hour or so.

In these visions behind my closed eyelids, I came to understand that the spiral manifestation in all matter and in all forms in manifestation are often not noticed until one has ‘seen’ them in motion.

In other words, it’s only by adding the extra dimensions of time and space that the spiral will appear to be perceived.  Time and space inherently imply motion…

We aren’t accustomed to thinking of geometry this way, or at least most of us aren’t, as the concepts of geometry are most often expressed mathmaticly and 2-dimensionally on paper, on a flat screen, or on a chalk board.  This is like taking a single frame of a movie and trying to figure out the plot by seeing only this one frame!

What I saw last night was geometry in motion.  I saw that all geometry is expressing a spiral if taken into expanded perceptional realms adding the extra dimensions.  Time and space are the most obvious ones and there are more as well, but the whole issue clarifies in the broader view, and this is when the spiral will show up.

I saw that if one has a triangle, a square, a circle, or a rectangle, it matters not, when you ‘spin’ it, if you move it through space and time, the spiral will appear.  All it takes to make it appear is to assign a place on the line connecting the dots and make it stationary.  It is the same as assigning a point of perception, which is the same as saying that I am perceiving this pattern from here and now.

If we then take the geometry and spin it in any direction, up, down, right, left, forward, backward, i.e.. in space, and/OR in time (yet another dimension), we get to see the spiral phenomenon.  I spent an hour or so watching this play out behind my eyelids before I could sleep.

Looking on the internet today to find some video to show something similar to what I was seeing about this, this is what I found.  Nassim Haramein is here explaining how we have taken out of context the concepts of how our planet is related to our Sun in space, giving us the illusion that the Earth orbits the Sun, when in fact this is not so.

Although this is showing only how the circle is expanded to reveal a spiral instead, and isn’t a reflection of all the other forms I saw doing this as well, still, it is a good example of how this can look so different from an expanded view, when adding the dimensions of time and space, as this is multi-dimensional in nature and in its actual manifestations.

Earth is Not Orbiting the Sun

Another way to understand this principle would be to attach a weight to a long string and sling it around yourself in a circle while either shooting straight up into the air or jumping into a deep hole.  The actual path the weight would make would indeed be spiral and not circular.

Here is also a short but interesting video showing the movements of Venus and the patterns it makes as seen from Earth.  Notice too, in the video, how the metaphor of the weight on the string is clearly there to see with a bit of imagination.

Astronomy with MicroStation Orbit of Venus Dance of Planets

Since the Earth is the point of perception, it is the Earth that holds to the string to the Sun, which holds the string to Venus, which makes the pretty pattern for us to notice.  (Without this Earth-centered perspective, said pattern would not exist.)

It is a pattern that appears only when adding the dimension of time!  The pattern takes centuries and even thousands of years to form completely.  This is why I am talking about a broader view being necessary in order to see the sacred geometry which is expressing its self in motion.

In closing, I would like to point out the similarity of the words spirit and spiral.  Hmmm, something else to puzzle on and think about…

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