socialI now have a Facebook presence as Notes From the Center of the Spiral. I have a personal one as well. The same goes for the Twitter platform.

I know a part of doing what I do is about being seen and heard, so social media it is, but I also have a confession to make. The confession is that I spend less time on social media than anyone I know.

I used to spend time on Facebook, before there was a Twitter. When it got to where it ate up several hours of my time everyday and left me feeling drained and dissatisfied too, I quit it. I’ve probably visited not more than twice a year since, for the last 5 years or so.

I spend my time doing other things I find very satisfying indeed, like sharing on Gaia Scene forum, like editing Gaia Scenics’ View blog. Connecting with me personally is easiest on forum than anywhere except, perhaps, my personal email or phone number. I’m there everyday and have been for nearly 7 years now.

Putting myself out there to be known isn’t a problem. I’ve been out of the proverbial closet for a long time now. Spending a lot of time working social media probably isn’t on my plate though. Still, it’s a good way to allow others to get to know who I am and what I do.

If you find my blog inspirational and interesting, I appreciate the shares to social media. I will make an effort to make myself available to those connections too.

Big thanks to Alex Clark, who helped tremendously with setting up these social media platforms, with her expertise, her magic, and her love.

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