owningWe’ve been getting subtle and not so subtle hints for a long time now through many of our favored sources, both angelic and galactic, about finding out about, getting in touch with, and learning to depend on our own inner knowing and wisdom.

Of course, how much of this is actually happening depends both on who you ask and when you ask it.

Anyway, it seems to me, that we, as a group, are moving out of the ‘playpen’ stage and into the toddler stage now, in that some of us are stepping out of the place where we absolutely have to have validation of our own knowing.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking validation of what we’re perceiving, and I feel this is a part of building our new navigational skills in this new era and paradigm. We’ve been receiving bucket loads of encouragement, and this encouragement continues. Still, there comes a time when the training wheels come off, or the guiding hand of the parent is removed, and the child waddles forward without outer support.

These tentative first steps are intense. They’re filled with both desire to succeed and the uncertainty that we will. There’s a basic trust which must be included in this moment, as without it, there would be no first step to begin with. So, the building of trust between me and myself had to come first.

It’s been quite a journey on my way to trusting in my own ability to discern what it is I’m perceiving, as well as owning up to what I Know, instead of running a mental and emotional script of being lost in a fog all the time, and being perpetually uncertain of my own experience.

I admit that in the process there’s been a heck of a lot of wobbling too. Thank goodness for finding that this is a normal thing that everyone passes through, otherwise I think I’d be tempted to look at all that business as just being ridiculous and even stupid. (All this in hindsight, of course!)

As these self-judgments fall away, I’m more and more willing to release them and just get over it. I’m finding I have more balance, as well as more information at my disposal. All of my thoughts and feelings are considered as more equalized (in value) in this practice, and I’m able to watch them roll past me like clouds in the sky, without the undue attachment and the undue drama I used to insist on.

The beauty of this is that I get to appreciate what each one of these thoughts and emotions (experiences through perception) are, without allowing any one of them to take over my whole sense of beingness and sweep me away.

I get to understand, through this process, about the connections in what is passing through my consciousness, while holding space for myself to observe and to simply know something ‘beyond’ what is given be any individual ‘piece’ of sensory information coming from mind or emotion.

My understanding of content has profoundly altered on this path of discovery.

Practicing automatic writing has been the most fabulous tool that’s taken this practice of retrieving inner wisdom and connection to an entirely different level for me recently. It’s opened up a wonderland of inner wisdom in a way that makes it both accessible and recordable.

It’s a paradox of massive proportions that the information coming from this practice is both inner and outer at the same time. Allowing for this and many other paradoxes to exist without attempting to wrestle them into linear or polarized mind-sets has been a challenge, and yet this is an integral part of allowing for the foundational basis of my perceptions to change, and in allowing for me to find my footing in this expanded landscape.

I never thought automatic writing would be such a powerful tool until I tried it, but I have nothing but the highest recommendation for the practice now.

I see using these sorts of tools as anything but supernatural, I see them as super-normal instead. In other words, I see most all of what’s been tagged over the ages as supernatural abilities as being a an integral part of what the human being is capable of, and as a part of the basic equipment set we are born with, our rightful inheritance.

Even this enhanced way of accessing wisdom is put to the test of allowing it to roll through me like clouds in the sky. I figure if this information is worthy of a seat at the table it will pass the test of resonating with others and also pass the test of time.

It’s good practice for me to not get all shook up about getting attached to any of it. Rather, I see this sort of information gathering as another piece to the cosmic puzzle of existence.

And I do love a puzzle!

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