That’s right. I have one. I’ve not once had to use it, but here it is.

The information I provide to people comes to me wrapped in metaphors and archetypal images. My role is to unwrap them and deliver them in digestible bites to the recipient.

In my view, there is a balance between delivering too much and too little, leaving room for the individual to understand, in their own way, what this information is talking about and what it means to them. I try, in other words, to stay out of their way while still offering information that will be useful.

There are always many layers to the information delivered, especially with the channellings. What is understood with the first reading will almost certainly be different when reading it later on. I get reports of this over and over again, as well as experiencing this same phenomenon myself consistently over the decades I’ve practiced.

However, occasionally, I have someone who is completely mystified by what I offer them. If this happens, I invite you to contact me and give me the opportunity to assist with the unwrapping of meanings and values in the reading. This is at no extra cost, providing it is not a long term mentoring involved.

If you still feel like the offering has no worth or relation to you and you wish for a refund, I will refund all or a portion of your cost, depending on the type of reading, in a 30 day window.

Contact me through the blog contact form for more information.

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