angelThe last couple of months have been quiet times for me for the most part.  I’ve been wondering where my juice has gone for doing, but the truth is that it’s gone inside and somehow this seems right in the snowy northern mid-west of the US where I am situated now (for the time being).

For someone who usually has a lot to say this has been somewhat of a puzzle, this introverted and introspective period.  For someone who is managing a forum with 1,400 (or so) members, this doesn’t translate so well either, but then sitting at the keyboard lately has had me observing my energy just disappear before I can type out anything to share.

On the other hand, my creativity is high, my gratitude is higher than ever, and my spiritual guidance is more direct than I’ve ever experienced before.  In fact, I never thought it to be so very direct, so very personal, so deeply moving, or so incredible.

My dreams this past year have been surprising to say the least.  Arch Angel Michael has been coming to spend His time with me and I mean up close and personal.  The first time was so much so that I woke up laughing at how I could have the notion we are separate.

It didn’t take long for the separation notion to return though.  I mean, really!  The idea was just outlandish and utterly foreign to me.  Yep, laughable at the least, and maybe a flight of egoic fantasy at the best.

This notion of separation has been a big theme for His visitations.  In my dreams, we walk together and I know we are like twins, like intimate lovers, like we’ve known each other forever.  Not only this, but we are as equals, there is no hierarchy at all, the feelings here are of a kind of surety that doesn’t happen in my waking world.

I have to wake up to even get back to the memory of thinking that it is amazing that this could be so.  That it is amazing that an Arch Angel could be my twin, could be so intimate with me (!), that our love could be so deep and so unconditional; so sure.

Truly, if this is what it is to have the veil stripped away, to remember who we are, then wow, are we in for a change of heavenly proportions!  And it’s taken repeated and very pointed, insistent in-my-face repetitions of this theme to get me to consider it seriously.

The last dream of Him had Him come very close to my face and look me in the eye to say to me that I must stop the separating.  What to do with this in my waking world is an interesting problem.  If we are not separate, then what does this say about myself and my life, and what does this say about the rest of my human family and peers?

If I am the equal and the ‘same as’ in value as an Arch Angel, then I know I’m not so different or so special as to be the only one.  In fact, I can think of many people who I would expect to be way out in front of that line up, certainly before me.  What does this say about my beliefs about my own ‘value’?  What about your beliefs about your own value?  All such mental calculations fall aside in the light of this information.

What does this tell us about this time we are transversing?   Or about the rarified energies we are surrounded by now?

And, I’m getting reports from some others I know of the same sort of experiences.  I was teasing with one of my sisters in Lightwork the other day and asking if this will mean that we will all be channels now?

Certainly it is my hope and my intent to be a channel for the Divine.  There is nothing else worth doing here on Gaia at this time in my view.  It’s really the only thing that I have any juice or any energy for.  And the word is that I have an ally who is an angel…

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