quietIt’s mighty quiet on the internet, at least in the places I frequent.  The background chatter has flat-lined nearly and it’s almost eerie.  Oooooo…

What chatter there is is almost all about the call back into the same patterns of thinking that got us so deeply into the world mess we’re trying to transform now.  Just…not…interested…

The eerie feeling isn’t fear, it’s like the whistling of wind through the cracks somehow.  My interest in the old is not holding me into that mix anymore and my ability to take my focus off it is strong now and steady, instead of shifting in and out of it like a flicker.

My focus is more and more is on the dreaming of the world I want instead of the world I can’t stand anymore and never agreed to to begin with.  I’ve always been dreaming of a better place, but the big shift here is that it used to be in a kind of desperate way, like a dream that could never come true.  (Sob!)

The deep longing is still there, like before, but the desperate surety that it could never happen has taken leave of me.  I couldn’t be more grateful!

The edge of the seat feeling is growing steadily, and the quiet isn’t calm.  Instead, it feels to me like a heightening hum.  Perhaps it is the mournful hum of the old energies as they are transformed.  Like the moan that comes from deep within as the knot in the muscle is massaged into pliability again.

My intuit has been saying there is big, fat, juicy change afoot.  I feel like I’m standing in the eye of the storm and the storm is a mighty transformer, transforming and purifying for the greater good.

I also feel that this storm will pass without me being outside of the eye of it, but this has yet to be seen.

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