trendsIn the first place, predicting trends is not that difficult. The difficulty here is not in understanding that effect may follow cause, but in the ability to understand and correctly perceive location within the process which is unfolding.

We each have our own levels of perceptional abilities. Woven together with fact and fantasy, these perceptions are also perspectives at the same time. Not only am I perceiving what environment I’m currently occupying, but I’m also dancing within the dream state of my own perspectives.

Where is my focus and how does this effect my perspective? This lies at the rock bottom of my ability to discern my relationship with my past, my present, and of course, my future.

As a practitioner of predictions and prophecy, it’s the primary and first step to attempt to locate myself (or any ‘other’) within the dream or fantasy of perspective. 

This placeholder is like a GPS signal. It allows me to speak to the essence of what the experience may be. This allows me to send information, or a signal (if you will), to that same location for a possible retrieval. 

Neither time nor location are quite what most people imagine them to be. This would be my observation over the many decades I’ve been practicing divination. Our relation to our own dreams and perspectives are far more powerful than any supposed location within a factual environment.

And so it is. In this sense, the management of the dream or fantasy states we create within our lives is the most important factor. This will always effect the future much more than the fantasy that the future effects the dream we are having in real time.

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