Good morning, beloveds.  It’s been a good while since I’ve make this form of contact with you.  There’s some resistance on my part to settling in and doing it.  Have you any comments about this? 

But first, I’d like to anchor here and ask for specific and personal identification from Who is speaking.  Can I get some idea of ‘personification’ from the source of this communication?

baleen whale 2Mala ho! (1)  I come riding the wave of love into the inlet of your mind.  Can you remember me?  We were companions at the shore and so much more.

This collective of conscious and living awareness is a mighty multitude, but I step forward to ask you to remember my identity of a time and place we shared.  My name is the wind, the word, and the swell of the wave.  The language now lost, with but remnants to tell of its passing.

Aho, beloved!  We swam together and sang together for a life and for lives in a row.  In our love and our freedom we rode the currents and our tails slapped the waters in our delight to the sun and moon.  Can you hear my name?

 (Sound here like a high whistle and a short and sharp tweet, but there are other vibrations out of the hearing range, perceivable in the mind, but not in the range of ‘hearing’.  There is the picture mentally of a whale, one with deep blueish black skin and the filtering gills for a mouth, like a baleen whale.)

We came together to this body (Gaia), you and I and many others in ancient times, to anchor the Love necessary for Gaia to be in Her body and in Her waters balanced and emotional.

We are the consciousness of Gaia’s waters, the bodies and the fragments of Her in Oneness.

We are ancient beyond all comprehension.  We were an ancient race when we came here in Gaia’s youth to swim and sing Her body in wholeness and integration.  Our love, our love, our love we sing, and always we sing for you as well.  In our Oneness, we sing for all.

Our awareness is more than our own, and we are not in the forgetfulness that you’ve been immersed in.  Remember me, beloved, and remember the feeling of how it is, to be integrated again with all living things and with this paradise planet, the body of beloved Gaia.

(Trilling and moaning vibrations here, a song in loops and tails flashing.  Also, an unbelievable experience of being utterly supported, surrounded, and permeated by the inherent Love in water.  The essence of water is Love, and this feeling of Oneness with The All That Is.  Amazing, leaving me breathless and buzzing.)

Is there any other that would come forward and identify themselves from the crowd of beings in this assembly?

st. germaineI would come forward.  I AM St. Germaine.

Do not be concerned by the fanfare and drama that follows my being wherever I go. (2)  Hahaha!  This is my playfulness with is rich with meaning and with creative energies.

There is no access to unlimited potentials without Holy Mirth to balance Awe and Reverence.  We are here to play and to create freely is always playful.  Indeed, there is the work involved in all acts of creation.  The need for such is serious.  Yes, yes, serious and even dire in need.

Remember, please, that you are my sister (and my brother too) and we have played in this field of bliss and woe for so long now, weaving our tapestries.  Our stories and adventures have been of the most exquisite varieties, have they not?

For how else to draw the interest and the desire of the BEing?

Watch the magic show!  The hand of the magician will open and the gems will appear.  Throwing them into the air, a flock of birds will swoop out and over our heads.  (Laughter, and more laughter.)

As sovereign Beings, we have this magic and the power to access all the drama we wish.  Time to remember this, and to honor this as the truth of our existence.

We have played this out many times, dear, you and I.  This play is in it’s middle act now, and our carefully planned script is unfolding perfectly.  Always the Divine Play is a masterpiece of perfection.

Remember now the way this works.  The truth in this playing out of potentials and plans is not one of ‘here is the script and now we follow it to the letter’.  Oh, no, how boring that would be to master creators!!

It is the interplay of moment to moment.  We are masters of improvisation!!

We find our way like a drop of water finds its way back to the sea.  Everything we touch is moved to a thrilling level of Love and this interaction creates and creates.  There is no other way, and only the veil of forgetfulness has kept this from being understood and perceived in each moment.

Ah.  I see you are losing the connection now and are fatigued.  No matter, I will come forward again to connect with you later.  In the meantime, Remember!  And honor the drama we create.  It is the Holiest and the most beautiful container of Meaning and Grace.  I love you!  Remember!

 (Sadly, I lost the connection here.  Amusingly, during the last paragraph above, it was as if the curtain was coming down and He was bending forward to peer beneath it as my energy vibration came down and I lost the connection.) 


1) Googling the words Mala ho, took me to the dictionary for Hawaiian words.  Mele means song, and depending on the other words with it, it is then the type of song.  Along with ho, it means specifically a song to soothe children.

See the link for more suggestions on meaning.

2) St. Germaine appeared and spoke with great drama and flourishes of hands while talking.  The very energy surrounding him was buzzing and rather busy with creative potentials which seemed like they were on the very edge of popping into manifestation.

Wow…  A perfect example of how impossible it is not to be completely mesmerized and engaged by the delightful dramatic flair of this Ascended Master, and how it immediately brings the levels of vibration very high due to the excitement and joy of anticipation of magic!

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