You have reached my payment portal at Notes From the Center of the Spiral. In order to Hire an Adept, review the information below.

I’m offering these possibilities to access four levels of my personal magic to choose from.

Level one: $77

A one card reading to explore the defining spiritual principle in action at this time for you, and/or concerning a situation. I will dive into the opportunities and the potential challenges as defined by this principle, along with what I intuitively pick up when connecting to your personal field through your contact. One or so pages.

Level two: $111

One simple yes or no question answered in depth. Reading will be done either with a three card reading, or a channeled message. Or a combination of both, as I feel, intuitively, is best to give the most useful and practical information under the circumstances. Two or three pages.

Level three: $222

A full and in depth reading concerning a circumstance or particular theme, with attention given to a highly customized approach, drilling for the details and the solutions to whatever challenges are presenting, if any. I may use either cards or channeling, or a mixture of both. Four to seven pages.

Level four: Value exchange to be negotiated. Please use my connect form to begin the process for this level.

For those with some desire for some more direct and personal attention from me, I may consider some limited personal mentoring, conducted via Skype.

The bonus here is a detailed look into my personal tool set to determine if any of my well-developed and practiced tools may benefit you. If so, we may work together to assist you to develop them for yourself.

Contact me through the connect form to be considered, please. Such mentoring may be negotiated, if we determine it may be of mutual benefit, and if we can come to agreeable terms for exchange of value.

Check Out Process

When you have decided on the level you desire, please select it from the drop down menu below and click the Add to Cart button.

This will redirect you to Paypal, where you can pay for the level you selected. Remember to check that the quantity and dollar amount is correct before proceeding.

You will have the option to use Paypal for payment or use a credit card. You can also use this platform to pay even if you do not have a Paypal account.

To use an alternate form of payment, please indicate this in your initial email to me.

Once I have received both your email and your payment I will begin focusing on your reading and I will contact you if I have any questions.  Thank you for hiring me.

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