Aster: Push-back and the Increasing of Human Senses

standing in the windMonday, May 4, 2015

I’ve wanted to have a session for a few days now, but it’s only now I’ve felt like this was possible. I felt some sort of weird ‘pressure’ that made me resistant to opening my field enough for the type of communion to happen. This is truly strange to me because I really don’t feel like the conversations we have are coming from ‘outside’ me at all. I don’t fear this, and yet, this pressure felt like energy I didn’t wish to have in my space. Can you speak to this?

Aster: We can. We know and honor that for you, from the level of vibration you’re currently embodying, it’s an important consideration to monitor your vibration, and to be mindful of what this is.

We saw, and we see, there’s been some wild permutations of energy on the surface of Gaia. This is what you’ve been feeling and we’d also say there’s been a push for some to take advantage of this in ways that wouldn’t be considered ‘for the good of all’, but rather would serve to confuse and to unbalance those who serve in ‘for the good of all’ mode.

There’s little those who are devoted to service to self to the degree of harming others can do to stop the vibrational shift that permeates all forms throughout the Universe at this time. However, there’s a push with hidden technologies for this to happen. The thought and intent is to use whatever is necessary to ‘uncenter’, and therefore, neutralize, those who are finally discovering and experiencing the power of aligning with Divine Principles. Continue reading

Aster: About Upgrades

profile pic[Note: This session was one that I considered to be far more personal than what I normally do. It also took me some time to integrate and to consider what was said here. It seemed to want to stay still and simmer. I’m sharing it here now, as I feel it may also speak to some others as well.]

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yesterday, I had an energy healing session with Deva. I found out some interesting things about myself and also had some validations of some things I’ve suspected and considered for some time now. I got to see Aster in motion for the first time too.

Aster: Yes, we are present always, it’s you, yourself, that does not as yet have the vibration level to sense this.

I do sense it. Only it isn’t always so clear and present as it was in the moment while in this space of a healing session. Deva also said you appeared and told her there was work to do on my grounding. That you’re trying to make better contact and my lack of grounding was a feature that was preventing this.

Aster: Indeed. There were also physical and energetic adjustments to be made, as you know. We have a specialized team to do such things and they were very busy on you and still are. It will be many days until your recalibration will be completed. Rest and work on the grounding and the conscious breathing. These are the tools, which will facilitate the most rapid readjustment. Continue reading

Aster: New Paradigm Leadership



Friday, April 10, 2015

Aster, I come today with some thoughts about speaking about leadership and what this truly means. With so much in my lifetime of what I would view as improper leadership, I’d be interested to know more about leadership from your perspective.

Aster: We will be glad to share our perspective of leadership. It’s not the issue within our current perspective that it is in yours, nevertheless, we, through you, have watched carefully for how this important subject may be handled and transmuted among you.

Thank you. It seems like this question of what is leadership and what is just chasing one’s ego like a dog chasing it’s own tail is one that’s coming more and more to the fore. Along with this is also a whole tangle of confusion over what is intelligent discernment and what is inappropriate judgment.

Aster: We would suggest that these two subjects will be transmuted in parallel. Though they’re different views, they’re different views of the same thing. Allow us to attempt with your limited vocabulary and vision to unravel this tangle with you. Continue reading

Aster: Perception, Trust, and Channelings



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello, Aster. Can we have a conversation today? I’ve been feeling like speaking with you for some time, but the time didn’t seem right somehow.

Aster: Yes, in this now is ever a good time to commune with us. There’s time for communing and there’s time for silence and integration. We would suggest that you may trust when it’s time for every purpose.

This leads me to something I’ve been thinking about quit a bit lately. It seems to me like the issue of trusting oneself to know what is true is coming strongly to the forefront for many, many people right now. This is a passage I’ve already been back and forth with for a very long time, but I don’t perceive this is so for a whole bunch of other people and there’s a feeling of discomfort in the communal mental/emotional field over it. I can feel this nearly all the time right now.

Aster: And so it is. We would say that this is a part of passing through the ‘eye of the needle’, which is represented by this time and space. As a path-cutter, you’ve already been passing back and forth through this narrow passage for a long time, and this is what path-cutters do.

This issue of perception and what may or may not be trusted is one that’s being brought up and out of the unconsciousness of the many at this time. It’s an issue which asks for the foundations of belief within the being to be reexamined and reconfigured in the case of the individual and ultimately in the case of the community. Continue reading

Internal Guidance and Aster Speak on Oneness and Separation

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello to my internal guidance crew. I feel today like I’m back in the stadium again with so many in attendance. So, is there any being among you that would step forward to speak with me today? Please let me know who you are and why you come forward before we begin.

Group voice: We would come forward first as a whole to share that we attend you in this way at all times. There are indeed many in attendance to you, and we do this in agreement with you as well. It is with your express permission that we are with you, as has always been the case, though you’ve not always been expansive enough in your awareness to remember this facet of our intimate relations.

Yes, I sense now that this is so. I used to wonder at how there could be this feeling of being watched and supported, particularly in times of danger. At one time this was such an utter surprise as to be nearly unbelievable to me, but I now see that this was my own illusion of separation at play. Continue reading

Aster: All Serve the ONE (or Stepping Out of Polarity)

Polarity credit:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I make a space for communion with my guidance team today. Though this is something I’m open to all the time these days, still, in this formal setting, is there anything you would wish to share with me?

Aster: We would. We would point out that there’s no time that isn’t communion with us, we attend you and all of you always. It is only a matter of choosing to bring attention to us, our attention to you never wavers.

So it seems from what you always share with me. It’s true my attention is the one that wavers.

Aster: Indeed it does, but we would remind that this doesn’t matter. You’re sovereign and it’s up to you to determine what’s in your best interests in every moment. Though we’re here in support for you, and by we, we include the Heavenly Hosts and the Ascended Masters, and also those beings you would refer to as extraterrestrial beings too.

Even those beings who have disrespected your sovereignty have served you too, and in the bigger picture aided in your development. No matter what can be discerned and known about their intent, they too have been agents of the ONE. Continue reading

Aster: A New Realm of Discovery and Wonder

stop asking permission to be greatThursday, January 1, 2015

It’s a joy to open up a page to converse with you again after more than a month. I can’t say I’ve missed you, as I feel we’re much more integrated now than when this all began. I’ve been talking to you each night as I relax to go to sleep, too bad this doesn’t get recorded, as it’s been all fascinating information.

Aster: Welcome, and more welcome to you! We attend you as always and are always pleased to do so.

At this auspicious time, when so many are setting the intention for a new year, what can you share with me about how to go forward in what seems to me to be very new energies? This is not only from my own personal perspective but also is being reported to me by many of my peers.

Aster: We would comment on this by confirming that what is being reported and also experienced by yourself (ourselves) is a wholly new realm of discovery and wonder. As you have observed and have been talking about with others for weeks, this is a space of newness and one which is a transitional phase as well. Continue reading