paradigmCreating in New Paradigm Energies

How to create in these brand new energies of a new paradigm has been a topic of continual interest for me and those gorgeous co-creators I’ve worked with for some years now.

Presenting now is completely new creational, manifesting territory. The challenge to this new energy environment  has been to understand what used to work doesn’t work anymore.

While the specifics of challenge may vary in the details, when boiled down to the common denominator, the old ways of doing things no longer serve as ways of proceeding which are actually productive or efficient. These old ways of proceeding, many of which have taken a lifetime to develop, are simply failing to produce anything close to the value of the dreams that set the creations into motion.

So, it’s come down to a question. What is going on here?

A Huge Contrast to Old Paradigm

In striking contrast to not so long ago, these new energies not only ask me for higher levels of intentional integrity, but for my focused attention on being as mindful and aware I can manage to be. I find what creates most powerfully is to bring this focus to tasks in ways that reflect how deeply I care about what it is I’m doing.

What I’m saying is, in these new energies, in order to be creative and produce satisfying results, I find the need is to keep my awareness levels very high, and to do so throughout the entire process.

The last couple of years has everything about creative processes bringing about upgrades in attitudes and awareness. There are upgrades happening in my creation space on every level.

The old ways of my habitual tasking just don’t work anymore. I used to be able to apply the automatic pilot type devotion, without the need to take the trouble of deeply rethinking and feeling into what it is I’m doing. These old approaches fail me now.

Old paradigm, old style, habitual approaches will produce (if they produce at all) inferior results that crumble quickly, or even instantly dissipate just like a fart in the wind.

The necessity of being aware and bringing my full attention to what will be produce satisfactory results in this new energetic environment is what I’m talking about.

I’m here to report that nothing less than my full attention to what I care about will do when creating or co-creating anything intended to be stable and of lasting value.

Slowing it Down and Examining the Basics

Finding how to work effectively in these new paradigm energies has required I slow down in order to be more mindful. Once I slow down, the reasons for such a necessity becomes clear and even obvious.

Each task I manage to approach mindfully leads me to what lies at the foundational levels of whatever I’m trying to create or build upon. After a few years of this necessity to attend to the foundations first, I’m no longer surprised by it. It happens every time, in every task I approach, so, yes, I’m convinced this is a main theme at this time when it comes to navigating creation space.

As nothing holds up or lasts without stable and proper foundations being established, compromised foundations certainly won’t hold up under the prevailing conditions of new paradigm energies. The prevailing energies at this time are crumbling everything with faulty foundations. This is what I know. I know this from the core of my being, and as the play by play of life rolls on, the validations to this knowing build and build, becoming an every day observation.

Something about this new paradigm territory screams for integrity. Integral to foundation laying is the attention to be given to integrity of purpose, of materials, of design, of work flow, to every aspect involved in the building or creational process.

Core Desire is the Portal to Access Energy

The new energetic territory present now is one that no longer supports me pouring out my energies less than mindfully.

It’s easy to detect when I’m doing this, as it has the same effect as trying to carry something heavy in a wet paper sack. Boof! My energy levels fall, and the energy to create returns only when I access again energy generated by my core desires of what matters to me.

I’m saying what makes creation possible at this time is the core and authentic desire inside me. I mean the kind of desire that asks me to feel into my core and clarify what it is I really care about.

Nothing less than what I authentically care about will give me energy. Anything else is just a bunch of mental manipulations I put myself through. Honesty and authenticity are essential for clarity. Coming to this process with anything less than honesty fails miserably and it’s easy to feel this too.

Here is where the wheat is truly separated from the chaff, lovers. As far as I can tell, connecting with our core desires is the only way to navigate and create now. The current energetic environment will support our creations of lasting and stable manifestations, so long as this core desire is the driving force.

What others think I should be doing, how it’s always been done, what I ought to do, these old paradigm notions are over and done with. There’s no more energy for this, no matter whether they are leveraged at me by others, or whether such ideas come from some old programming inside me.

What Excites Me and Sets my Soul on Fire?

This has become the only real question for me to answer. Everything other than what generates my deepest passion has no energy to sustain it. If what calls for my attention and energy is in alignment to self-care and bringing my loving attention to what really matters to me, even the daily dos of life maintenance take on a new meaning.

This once rarified feeling of desire/soul fire is now available almost all the time for me, and is not rare anymore. It’s available simply because I have to look for it in order to find the energy to do anything at all.

This personal access to Source energy is the miracle that may occur for any who reach for it, and are willing to take the steps to access their inner truths in order to create such clarity.

The practice produces a state so profound that one can feel it intensely. This experience is where the real gets REAL. Where we find the brand new, shiny navigational control panel within, and realize it’s been inside us all along.

Current Example in my Life of the Shift of Paradigm Energies

My blog,  Notes From the Center of the Spiral,  has played out the these principles I’ve been talking about.

I created the blog in 2013. I did so haphazardly, really as sort of an after thought. I desired a digital journal for a collection for the deeply person content I’m willing to share with anyone who cares to look at it.

It’s collected quite a stack of content, most of which is in channelings in the form of the personal conversations I have with my inner guidance team, covering some of the principles I’m talking about in this article.

I’ve known for a couple of years now that I have in me a great deal more to share about what I’ve remembered, learned and integrated from accessing what I would call the Divine Mind. In this interim period, I’ve kept myself busy with co-creating community undertakings while there’ve been some deeper integrations of this material.

The desire to continue my personal journey in what my Notes blog represents has been building up pressure all along. It’s simply not felt like the right time to take this adventure to the next level. Until now.

Divine Timing in the New Paradigm

Another aspect showing up as a main theme in what I’ve been describing as the new paradigm energy shift, Divine Timing, has been a determining factor in play. In these new paradigm energies, Divine Timing is an essential element in how any creation or manifestation may, or may not, occur or proceed.

The incoming evidence of Divine Timing has been relentless and redundant, as in over and over again. Sychronicity is an all day and night long experience these days, like a theme song to a motion picture.

It’s been quite the challenge to integrate the concept of ‘timing according to the Will and the Intelligent Design of Divinity’. It’s been tough. The reality of this principle, which asks me to honor there’s a right moment for everything to occur, while I don’t get to decide or to know what this is in advance… Well, let’s just say, I’ve had a bit of a struggle adjusting.

In the slow down factor mentioned above, Divine Timing in action has mostly been the reason why. I’ve experienced this slow down factor as forced, but the force I created myself with my resistance to slowing down to begin with. I could have, in any moment along the way, filled in the blank of ‘_____ is the reason for the delay’ with a many words of frustration, but the actual truth of the matter is way more fundamental than this.

The truth is it’s impossible to know how perfect timing elements in creation processes will occur. In hindsight, I can identify how the best outcomes became possible only after certain conditions were present. The details of these exact conditions come forth in unfathomable ways, impossible to predict.

From My Core Desire Comes my Sacred Seeds 

Like a seed taking its own sweet time in germinating until the conditions are ripe for transplanting, I’ve been slowly developing some essential something under my own surface.

Recently, I’ve come to the most stunning clarity that my vital creativity was about to burst through to the surface.  It’s understood the foundations of my old blog format could never support such an explosion of content and creativity.

The old blog format was free, and easy to set up and maintain. I did everything the easy and the lazy way too. I never bothered to even create the categories to make it easy to navigate for the user, for instance. And yet, why even bother to present anything if there is no concern for the experience of the recipient?

Do I care deeply enough to proceed? Even if it means to start again at the foundations?

I guess I do, because I’ve spent the money to upgrade my platform, and spent weeks combing through every nook and cranny of my personal expressions, in order to make my blog as user friendly as possible, to make it a beautiful and informative place to visit.

My Renewed Relationship to Divine Abundance

It’s important to mention my renewed relationship to Divine Abundance as an foundational component in this new blog foundation. Not as a second thought either, but as an essential element to reflect greater alignment with my understandings of Divine principles.

I have more to give than ever, more of my value to share with the world, and my most authentic desire from my core is to find the way to allow this sharing of the values I am, contain, and create to also sustain me.

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally get the clear message from my inner core that it’s prime time to use my abilities to have exchanges of value which honor my abilities, my life experience and my expertise. Not only the value of the immense gratification from simply doing what I’m good at, but also openly acknowledging my value in appropriate energy exchanges.

I’ve been unbalanced in my relation to my own value and the flow of Divine Abundance as a ‘greedy giver’.  So, it’s important I move into greater balance of give and take.

On diving into my deepest levels, I’ve found my ability to receive, all my life, has been artificially contracted by some shadow principle expressions lodged in my personal exchange portal.

The shadow expression I speak of is the way I give myself away, inappropriately, from an unconscious place, where a part of me has been convinced that giving myself away is the price I pay to purchase my right to exist, or perhaps even to purchase my admittance into Heaven.

I mention this here, because this primal hack is so deeply embedded into our collective mind. It’s what I observe as a favored distortion to truth and reality in lightworker communities. On a personal level, it’s a foundational lie that has to be released in order to express my Divinity and mastery in ways which sustain me.

The truth this shadow is masking is that the space I occupy, at anytime and on any level, is my space, by virtue of the obvious fact that that I’m here and I occupy it. This is truth and the true value in question. There’s nothing to earn and nothing to prove. A move into my human mastery and sovereignty will include these transmutations to the foundations of my interactions. Most important of all is this transmutation in my relationship to my own value.

It’s clear that this sort of primary distortion to the portal of give and take is driven by shadow insecurities. We all have them. They distort the way we may understand and acknowledge our own worth, our discernment of what is worthy of our life energies, and to how we apply our sacred life force and free will choices to anything we do in this world. This is particularly true of what affects our personal well-being.

In Summary…

In closing, the summary of what I have to say here is how all parts of my life have been asking me to rethink and recreate from baseline or ground levels.

It’s so clear now that there’s a need to go forth with particular attention to foundations that will support manifestations into the future. It’s not the same energetic environment it used to be, and pioneering new ways forward is what these circumstances and energetic conditions ask of us.

Finding my authentic desire is the only thing I’ve found to bring forth the energy I need to do anything anymore. This has shown itself to be the only reliable way to navigate now, or to do anything meaningful on any level.

Being forced into slowing down, by circumstance and Divine Timing aspect, has made me reconsider everything in a more appreciative and loving way. What a payoff!

These exquisite times are the prime opportunities to seed our sacred desires, creating them with stable foundations upon which to build into future. If anything I’ve written here is worthy of sharing, it is this realization.

Finding ways to create sustaining and life-enhancing values systems and exchanges are also key to what comes next for all of us. Transmuting as we go, we find our mastery in the process. Grounding into the flow of Divine Abundance in personal ways is the best (and quite possibly the only) way to plant our sacred seeds to grow in our collective consciousness and experience.

Discovering and integrating new ways to deal with these new paradigm energy shifts, which have been changing the territory in such dramatic ways, has been a difficult transition, but it’s come bestowing blessings on me and my experience.

Perhaps the biggest blessing is how my ability to appreciate has grown to the point where I feel like bestowing blessings everywhere, to everyone, to all that is within my realm of perception.

So, many blessings go out from my heart to you and yours. May your path be clear and may you walk in beauty. May you also find your own pioneering spirit inside you. May you cut your own path, finding the solutions to what presents as a challenge to you, and mark the path you cut for those who may pass the same milestones. In this way, we benefit others while we make our way.

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