clarificationI greet you, and wish to ask for more specific identification of who you are. Do you have a name or some sort of identifying title or name?

We are here.

We do have a name or identifying label. We are what has been called by many names over the aeons. Our name is one that is not translatable in your language at this time, but we are a council or gathering of beings that are working in concert with you and with many others too.

We are many, the same way in which you are many. There is some expansion still to happen for you to have the capacity for understanding this. You may think of us as a gathering of the mighty. By this, we mean we are mighty in our mastery.

Does this speak to the dimension you are inhabiting?

We are inhabiting many dimensions, as you (are), and also many.  We inhabit form and those dimensions in form where you are.  We also are expanded to inhabit simultaneously many other dimensions.

There is no time and space, so these concepts are not going to translate correctly in the limited language of time and space that your language is currently in. There is a moving into expanded forms of language, and further the understudying of panguage (language) at this time.

You are beginning to notice this. Words are more than words, and carry the en-casements (?) of their roots. Some are starting to study this more closely and this will lead to understanding much more about the human condition.

OK, is there a dimension where you are seated or based?

As you say,’ like an arrow through an apple’, we are based in all the dimensions and we move when you do.

This is a paradox to you, and we understand this, but this is the closest truth we have for you in the limited language we converse in at this time.

Can you give the meanings of the long and unintelligible words in the last two sessions?

We can tell you that the information given was given correctly. The recent rewiring of your body has made it possible to, as you say, download information in concentrated bundles.  These bundles will be unwrapped and be consciously understood very quickly, so be patient and the meanings will come to you.  In the meantime, allow for the knowledge to integrate and come forward on its own.

Some of it is related to the massive download of recent time we gave out and many have received it. Some will bring awareness to it on a conscious level and some will not, but they may remember when they hear another speak of it.

There is so much history behind the present, and yet, we aren’t so much interested in bringing out the past as we are presenting the truth vs the tangled propaganda presented by those who have not your best interests at heart.

These too will have to find the way to dissolve their stories and come back to the ONE. We care for them as well, and look for the opportunity to help them.

Is this why I’ve been having some deep and previously unimagined memories come back in the last two days?

Yes! And do not allow yourself to get caught up in the details of this either.

Like all stories, these are real and true, but there is no need to attach to them and allow them to freeze you in the now as to who and what you are.

You are what you are, and how you express this is in here and now.

There is no binding to any story no matter how potent.

It is only good to encourage you, as you now know (that) you have quite extensive experience in being a diplomat. You remember this from a series of lifetimes and also from the very roots of your beingness.   From the beginnings of your forays into form.

The Venus memories are there for you to survey, and this study in contrast is important for you at this time (in order) to understand the challenge of this current story on Gaia, as (in) the development of Venusian stewardship, governance and policies. The contrast is great but the principles are Universal.  It is only the alignment of this that needs to be managed for the healing of time and space to occur here as well.

There will be more on this, but for the time being this is enough.

So my understanding from earlier today that the Venusian Star-seeds that came to stay on Gaia in the time of my memories, after the fall (of Atlantis), and well into the ‘age of masculinity’, that they were powerfully magnetic, and that this was the principle of how they had the traumas stick to them and create massive and heavy karma, is this correct?

This is a simplified version of what happened. Indeed the Seeds from your origin came to play, and to anchor in form, that which was needed to bring the Divine Principle of Magnetic and Feminine Energies through the long unconsciousness.

There has been the buildup of wounding and the karma of balancing, (causing it) to stick to those who came as pure and light.

There is no victim, there is only learning.

We are ONE. We are mighty.

Thank you for coming.  Farewell for now.


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