deeperI feel called to speak to what is happening in relations right now in terms of energies.  Whether this is a global phenomena or not, I can’t speak to that, but only what I am myself being witness to and also a part of.

I’ve been watching and also participating in the deepening of relations between people.  When I say deepening or deeper, like the subject line to this post, what I mean is that the surface seems to be ‘breaking up’ and there seems to me to be all manner of deep issues that are surfacing.

Not only are they surfacing, but the degree of awareness about them is what is both amazing and also challenging.

I’ve been sharing my intuits about how the master’s lessons are here now.  What I mean when I say this is that I believe we are the masters, and that we carry within us far more skills and abilities than we have (as yet) fully integrated and brought out to utilize.

It might also be said that we are remembering what we already know.  It does seem to me like this is more in alignment with truth than the thought that many of these skills are being learned right now.  The well developed nature of many of them deny that this is so, at least in my view.

The deeper issues carry with them much more emotion, more vulnerability,  the more we tend to have a lot invested into it.  One of the big challenges here, or so it seems to me, is when my deep issues are in direct ‘trigger zone’ of someone else’s.  This is some of what is playing out with relations lately that I’ve been noticing, but only one side of the story.

Also, I’ve been seeing a deepening of intimacy, so at least it is looking balanced in that way.  Not all, ‘oh, no!, but a healthy and juicy amount of ‘oh, yeah!’

One thing for sure, from where I am it looks like life just keeps getting more and more interesting, more juicy and flavorful, more exciting and challenging.  More seems to be the best all around descriptive word here, along with deeper.

More and deeper…

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