Notes From the Center of the Spiral Mission

The mission of this blog is a simple and humble one, and one which has shifted along the way.

I created it, at first, to contain some of my own personal homey and humble wisdoms. It soon became a place to house some testimonies of my mystical experiences too.

It’s transmuted into being a home base of the notes, or chronicles of, my exploration into how to connect with my inner guidance in the most deeply authentic way. It chronicles my epic journey of how to do this sacred task with the most clarity I can muster.

The main mission has always been all about me. Yet, my guidance has been clear on how it benefits more than only me to share my journey openly. Working through my resistance to this dubious sounding suggestion has been a large part of my journey too.

I’ve found, all along this path, that sharing my messages has caused another great mystery to reveal itself.

I’m not talking about the mysteries of me revealing to me, though this has also been a great deal of what has occurred in this process. I’m talking about how sharing them openly has revealed the fact that these messages I receive and transmit hold encodements which reveal themselves to others in mysterious ways I never see or know about, unless they tell me so.

There are layers of meanings in what this blog contains. I don’t pretend to fathom the depth of this, because it’s so obvious I cannot.

It’s been interesting how the more I release attempts to control how anyone may receive what is offered here has only increased the value and meanings to whomever may receive what it is these messages and blog offer.

My Mission and Purpose

In one of the many conversations with my personal inner guidance team I’ve created and chronicled on this blog, like so many of us, I asked for clarity about my personal mission or purpose.

That conversation went like this:

Andrea: …I’m curious to find out more details of my mission here and the future, of course. Can you share any tidbits at this time about this?

On-aira: We would say to you that you are well aware of what your mission is! If you’re looking for clarification, you’re the one to clarify it! We laugh with you, oh, creative one.

Andrea: Hahaha. I know you’re right. I’m here to hold the Light and to integrate the shadows. I’m here to model balance and to be the conduit of Love in the most powerful way I’m capable of. I’m here to BE the vessel of Source, and to em-body the Divine Principles as fully as I may.

So, there it is. And, yes, I already knew that, I’m certain.

The conversation continued for a bit.

On-aira: Thank you for the clarity! We are singing now for you. We sing the energies to support the clarity you have, and to give the potentialities the extra ‘umph’ to delight you in manifestation. Choose now what will delight you, and it will come quickly to you in the most joyful and delightful ways.

Andrea: What I choose, at this time, is for whatever comes to come in the most powerful ways for the greater good on this planet. I would also choose for the way forward to be clear, and for it to be without the resistance that’s been in place for most all of my life in this realm of experience. May the way forward be one of ease and comfort for a change, and may the changes be experienced as magically delicious!

Having made my personal mission and purpose clear in this way has been a mighty boon to my awareness. I highly recommend this.

The sense of levity around how simple it is is also an expansion of my heart. The truer truth is that we forget how much play may be applied to our mission and purpose. We forget our inherent nature as vessels of Divinity loves to be here, and how the Divinity within us will love, love, love to play.

The simplicity of this epiphany is important too. I’ve learned by taking the long way home, slogging through some dismal and nasty territories on the way, about how the notion of complexity denotes a distortion of the truer truths at the foundation of the matter.

If something presents as too complex for me to comprehend, it simply isn’t the truth. There it is, I said it! And, yes, it is funny to me how much this simplicity has escaped me for most of my life.

To wrap up what I have to say about mission and purpose for now,  I want to give a nod to Arch Angel Michael. My personal and intimate relationship with this Being (and mighty archetype) has guided and supported me since long before I even believed such beings existed beyond the the archetypical meanings such icons hold in our collective consciousness.

It’s been His personal presence and guidance which has led me to my mission to express my Divinity, expressing this in interactions with community and with this world. He has charged me with the tasks I now busy myself with.

Of course, it’s my own choice to go along with such overarching and holy assignments. I’m, by far, not the only one doing this at this time and place. I work closely with quite a few others, who come forth…  guess why? LOL. Because He asked them to.

I’m so far past the ability to be surprised by such synchronicities. It’s almost a surprise nowadays for someone not to mention He sent them to meet with me.

However you found your way here, my blessings go out to you. Here’s a wave and a big high five I share with those who walk a parallel path to my own on the way Home.

Have a good time while you visit my space, and may you find something here to benefit you and your journey too.

As I know all paths lead ultimately to Eternal Water Hole at the end of this story, I’m looking forward to meeting you there, if not before, along the way.

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