privateWhen I do a private reading, I consider it the property of the person who commissioned it.

In the mysterious way I provide a portal for some private information to come forth for someone, I rarely remember much of what comes forth for them, to the point where I have to reread it to even have a clue. This makes sense, since in a way, their information is none of my business. I’ve accepted this strangeness as a part of the process.

I recently had a client come forward with a share from a reading done last year. With permission, I share it here (as given to me) as an example of what may come forth in the process of accessing information for someone. The readings may be as diverse as the people are, and yet, as this message shows, the essence of much of it may also be interesting enough to be of some use to most anyone.

Thank you to the person who gave permission to share this little gem. You know who you are.

Excerpt of Private Reading

I would like to share something that I feel is right in time for the energy of this moon (shared in July 2018). It is a small part of a reading Andrea did for me in September last year, and it is Aster speaking to me here, but I feel that as so often what is said carries a wisdom that is valid for others too:

“You and all of creation are in motion. There is no ‘permanent’ bond of relations or situations possible, not in reality or in the long term. Not in the way that is currently comprehended from a human view.

“There is, instead, the bond of love, which is inherent in all things in the Universe. This is the true bond and bonding force. It may not be contained in superficial agreements. And these agreements will also crumble or be fluid, in that they may not freeze into a locked position any bond for any time.

“The nature of beingness is free to come and go. The true bonds we have to one another and to Life Itself are real and true. There is also coming together and moving apart. All of this is in relation to the nature of the Universe in which we reside and in which we interface. These motions are as old as time itself, and yet, there is also an eternal bond of love in any connection we ever have or will have.

“Such things are in the flux of ebb and flow. The challenge is to be able to be present in this ebb and flow and still be present for our own well being. This is the best case scenario, as this invites all of creation to also follow this model of well being. As each point of perception, each divine spark of Source, aligns with this truth, the well being of this Universe will reveal itself more and more.

“This reality already exists. It is what is currently hidden behind the veils of perception that humanity is currently in the process of bringing into consciousness. Like the Sun comes up at dawn, this awareness is being anchored now. The long night is over, and yet, this is only the dawn phase and is still casting long shadows.

“You may let these shadows reveal to you what is real and true for you on the most personal level. If you do, you will know the most authentic truth of your existence. In this knowledge, there will be (finally) the clarity you desire to made the choices that feel like they press upon you now.”

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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