lighteningWhen lightening strikes…

We have a forum conversation going on in Gaia Scene community forum. It’s a forum thread discussing Tarot cards and their meanings.

I’ve been a long-term student of symbols and archetypes of all kinds, really my whole life. With just the Tarot alone, I’m at 42 years now of experience with these cards and symbols, so I like to riff on them in this forum, and also have been doing private readings (both channeled and with cards) for the forum folk for some years now.

This is taken from the forum to share here.

I’ve done two highly customized personal readings with Tarot for people last week. In both of them, the first card off the deck was the trump card, The Tower. Here’s what the card looks like.lightening

But I want to riff on this for a bit, because I think this card could be said to be the card, not only concerning the personal, but of this current period of time overall.

I believe it shows up in the center of these readings, not only to signify the personal, but also to show just what is up at this time in general, for all of us, for this planet even.

Every trump card is a spiritual principle in action. They aren’t called trump for nothing, this is a powerful thing. When a principle like this appears, you may be sure that there is going to be said principle playing out in a big way, and usually also in multiple ways too. I view these principles as God force, as being the energies in alignment with the Source forces in this Living Universe.

The most ‘striking’ thing in this symbol is the lightening bolt striking the top of the tower. Note that this has an arrowhead at the bottom end of it. Perhaps this denotes the power of the blow and the blow back, or perhaps it is the suggestion that the bolt itself is an actual arrow.

I would read it as both. The blow is fierce and causes blow back of considerable power, it’s so strong it even emits light! Imagine that.

At the same time, this bolt is like the finger of God/Source, or the striking force of the Will of Source, that comes down to do the bidding of Divine Will.

The blow knocks the crown off of the tower. Those beings that occupied the top are falling now, note the crown on one of their heads. Even more cryptic, note the red shoes on this same fellow, lol. The Pope traditionally wore red leather shoes, which is another story…

The blow of the lightening is so strong it cracks this tower all the way to the foundations, it burns to the ground, and it does so from the top down.

I think we can surmise what this might be referring to in modern time, in this here and now. What I want to point out about this action again is that this is an action of Source, of God, and nothing will stop it. It has, in fact, already happened and all we can do is watch it all burn and crumble.

This isn’t bad news, though it’s bound to be stressful. The challenge to this card, no matter the way we look at it, is to understand there will only be more suffering the more we cling to anything that is associated with what this tower represents. The structures will be totally razed and destroyed. To the ground, to the foundations, from the top down. Clinging to anything about it is going to be painful and will only bring ashes as a reward.

What doesn’t matter here is how long, how devoted, or how much investment there is in whatever this tower represents to us. It’s done for, so sayeth the Will of Source. This is the essential message of this card and its iconic archetypal meaning.

Here’s the high (or good) news side. This is the part I really want to share here, so we get the opportunity to keep this in perspective. See all those yellow blobs floating in the air? These are yods, ‘tongues of holy fire’, and yods are particles of Source energy (fire=spirit and desire). They are like extremely potent seeds.

These yods are like manna from heaven. They are the most vital seeds of Source which are raining down, perhaps they are the raw energy that is released from the blow of lightening to the tower itself.

Anyway, these are the sustenance and the gifts to the Children of Source, the beloved children of Gaia, and only those who align with Divine Will may touch them.

They are energy specific, in other words. Gratitude, innocence and impeccable intent are all good themes if we wish to take advantage of these gifts at this time.

I would suggest this is what we came for, good people. These are the gems with which to co-create the new systems and structures that comes after these corrupt structures are decimated and ceases to blight the face of this planet.

This card denotes that what hubris builds up, Source will strike down.

I would further suggest that the gifts should be our focus. The mighty fall, the systems and structures crumble and incinerate, leaving nothing but ash and smoke. Even these will soon be recycled back into Gaia. Nothing we can or should do to stop it, including clinging or mourning it’s demise.

Who will receive these bits of sustenance? Who will take these seeds and embody them to co-create the new structures in alignment with Divine Will for the good of all?

We will. We will, because we are the ones who can.

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