encodedHello. First, may I have someone step forward and identify themselves as the speaker today? I love the way there’s encoded meanings in the messages I’ve been getting from these writing sessions. Is this always the way of them?

Kamana Merayna. I’m a unified personage of a certain segment of this assembly. Difficult for your level of understanding from your view, but this is the closest way of description we have for you. This assembly is so large that our segment is not representing a large part of it, yet you’ve asked for personification, and so here I/We are for you.

We can speak of the encodements, as you call them. Since language is a function of consciousness, there’s always a level of encodement with all languages. Such is the nature of all creations that come from consciousness. It’s the use of language by consciousness that makes this, not only possible, but impossible to not be so.

The vibration of the sound is a code, the formation of the sounds is a code, the creation of the ‘meaning’ is a code, the transmission and reception is a code. The comprehension of meaning is dependent on the consciousness level of the entity. Though it can, and should be said that the codes are there whether or not they are recognized in consciousness or in unconsciousness.

The very same word vibration will have different meanings dependent on the attitude, beliefs, or experiences of the being, whether this be on the sending or receiving end. There’s no way to keep this from happening in some way that is consistent, which is why the forms of communication based on sound frequencies without the honoring of heart-based and emotive (emotional) sensing is not a form that is used so much, outside of primitive societies of limited consciousness.

Telepathy is preferred, and yet even this is going to fall short of being the pen-ultimate form of communication in the roll out of this journey to Unity and (to) the greater experience and understanding of the ONE.

There are still many pitfalls one may fall into, so long as the form of it (form of communication) is mentally based alone. The encodements of emotion are going to be far more important in the long-term. This is still a ways along this road to greater understanding for you and your kind.

Thank you for the information. You say, ‘me and my kind’.  What kind are you and your segment of this assembly I’m communicating with?

We are a communal being, this is the best way to describe it in your limited perception at this time. We know this can sometimes seem as something with negative connotations to one of your species and expression in Divinity. We find it to be the most exquisite form however, and we are not finding the difficulties in communion and communication from our view because of this (unity consciousness from being a communal being).

We would offer to give some perspective from our view, in order that you could see a larger slice of the ONE.  For now, we come forward to introduce this topic, and to allow for the introduction to have time for germinating before continuing with it.

Farewell until next time.


I did some minor editing to clarify what was said.

I also googled Kamana and found the meaning to be ‘desire’.

Searching Merayna yielded nothing, but in the interest of looking at this word or ‘name’ (which I typed according to how it sounded to me), I’ve taken some time to consider it in parts, to see if I can de-code some meaning from it.

Mer means ‘sea’, and rayna means ‘song of God’.  Could this ‘name’ be a descriptor of intent, as in ‘desire to sing a song of God’, inferring also that it is coming from a ‘sea’ of unified consciousness?

Just because we use names in our culture to identify individuals doesn’t of necessity mean that this is so all over the cosmos.  In a society of unified consciousness, would this insistence on personification/individuation/separation even be needed or desired?  I feel like the stress or value placed on such designations might fall away in such circumstances.  Hmmm…

Also of interest, is the fact that for some 5 years or so now, I talk and even sing in my sleep occasionally in some language that I don’t recognize while awake.  My husband has taped segments of it in the past, and no one we know recognizes it either.  He once recorded a song I was singing while fully asleep that lasted nearly 5 minutes.  The only thing I could recall was that the song was some sort of lullaby about whales used to soothe children.

The references to sound, song, language, and even the whale segment of the previous message (in the first section) are significant to me in these veiled and encoded reminders of mysteries in my life.

Also see the footnotes which mention what I found when googling the ‘Mala ho’ of greeting.  Googling this took me to a Hawaiian dictionary where I found ‘mele’ to mean ‘song’, and ‘mele ho’ to mean specifically ‘a song to soothe children’.

All these encoded messages are full of puzzling and intriguing meanings for me, as I said in my introduction to these messages I’m sharing.

And so, where these puzzles lead may prove of interest, which is why I share them in the footnotes here.

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