automaticBefore I left for my journey across the country to come to Arizona, I was surprisingly and strongly guided to start doing automatic writing.

I admit, at first, automatic writing was not such an alluring idea to me.  I mean why bother?  I’ve been aware for a long time now that I’m strongly guided in my writings and in my direct relations in what I say.

Too often, I get to hear what’s said at the same time as the person I’m speaking or writing to, and this makes it pretty obvious what this is.  I consider it a form of channeling the Divine, the Source of which I have access to when I’m stepping aside from my own agendas in replying.  When I reply rather than respond.

Amazing knowledge comes through at these times, and often times this will include encoded information for others which I have no idea about whatsoever.  I neither understand them, necessarily, or perceive them, these encoded meanings, but they very often do.

This magical puzzle of my existence has been with me since forever.  I’m way past second guessing it, but not past the wonder over it.  I just carry on as if it’s normal, and in fact I now regard it as such, though this is the result of decades of proving it out through the feedback from others.

The more I trust this process, the more precisely it approaches to truth.  It’s magic and mystery of the Highest Order.

So, I finally caved in and began the automatic writing.  I was initially unconvinced that these messages were of any value to share, but after consideration, perhaps they are, and I openly admit I have no idea whether they will have value for you or not.  Only the reader will know.

So far they are short messages, and they contain all sorts of encodings deeply meaningful to me.  This may or may not be so for others, but I’d certainly be interested in comments about this from any who read them.  The comment section for my blog is the place to do this.

May you enjoy them as much as I have.  There are six of them, and I’ll be posting them after I post this introduction.

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