co-creationI am here. Shall we begin?

We begin by saying to you we love you, and we are pleased that you have been spending more time with the body.  The time for ignoring her needs is ending now, if one would wish for the body to operate at her potential.

There is the upgrading and the rewiring, and the DNA unfurling, and because of all this and much more that there is an increased need for your loving attention to be given to the body.  She is magnificent to be sure and wants to serve you for a very long time.

Since she is formed of the Love of the Mother, this is her preferred and much needed sustenance, your love. This love is in the form of both attention to sustenance, as in food and drink, and also simply your love, in the form of attitude and admiration.

Honor her and she will serve you well.  Love her, as she loves you in service and devotion.

What shall we talk about? There is a call for me to write more for a wider audience. Will I be guided in these sessions about this?

You will be guided as you have been for so long.

Remember that authenticity is the order of the day, and that this is the juiciness which is what those who read are hungry for.

Stale are the teachings without some freshness that comes from here and now from a peer. Compare kissing a old dusty letter from the attic and kissing your beloved in this moment. Does this paint the picture for you?

We would wish for you to continue to visit with us, but we would also wish for you to guide us from your view on what we should know in order to sing our support for you.

So, I need to keep you informed on the support I feel I need (from) moment to moment? Are you asking me to ask, so that you can devise the song to energetically create support for me?

Yes!! We are saying that in the asking we can co-create with you.

The asking is the proverbial doorway into and out of the dimensional divide!

Often we sing based on desire, but as you know, the desire is not always well formed, and the human grasp of focus and attention are not always forming desire in ways that are manifesting what is truly needed.

We do what we can, but it is a co-creation here and we need for you and others to step up your end of this process.

Asking is a good way to start, and also keeping in mind that the raw energy is then produced.

You already know the raw energy will be taking the path of least resistance to the place of manifestation. You know this, but you are still in the realm of blinders and to remove these blinders is to begin to perceive this energy as raw potential waiting only your command, your asking (it) to be present, and (therefore) available to you.

It is not your job or task to know all the complete micro steps that energy will take in order to fulfill your desire or will, nor can it be done, that which is out of alignment with Divine Laws or Principles, or at least not without chaotic and contradicttory results, or indeed, no results at all sometimes.

You are doing this now at a remedial level, but it’s time to step up the mastery and model this going forward in whatever ways can be found to share this. The greater the love, the greater the mastery will be forthcoming.

I’d like to call you the Master’s Council. Is this an appropriate name?

Indeed we are masterful and we are a council. If this pleases you to refer to us as this we would not have an issue. But consider please the name master is one that contains the insinuation of slave with it. Master-slave has been a hot topic on Gaia for so long and we wouldn’t wish to have this blanket our communion or the sharing we bring.

I thank you for this communion. Farewell for now.

We say to you farewell, but we are never far from you, so until you call again, we attend you.

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