quietI want to comment on and to share what is happening in my world with these new energies. These new energies have the force of a hurricane.

For months now, I’ve been squeezed so very hard, and it’s felt as if I were going to either pop like popcorn, or perhaps be flattened like a cartoon character after a boulder rolls over them.  I know this is how many of us have been feeling also.

Finally, (sigh!) this is starting to ease and I find myself feeling much better.  Instead of it being ‘back to normal’, there is a new standard of normal instead.

This new standard of normal is really different and this is how.  The most noticeable thing about it, at least to me, is having to do with capacity.  By capacity, I mean the capacity to hold up to levels and volumes that used to fragment me.

Whether we’re talking about information, or energies, or emotions, or complex thought patterns, my personal level of capacity has increased.  I can handle much, much more.

At the same time as there are more and faster changes, I’m feeling more sensitive to perceiving them.  My inner landscape is one of intense scrutiny, wild emotional responses, and instantaneous reactions that take my breath away.

It’s like standing in a hurricane.  This same hurricane like force in my sensual perceptions would have fragmented my consciousness not so very long ago.  Somehow, I’ve become more grounded and my strength to endure has been greatly enhanced.

The sheer force of this is breathtaking, and yet, there is this part of me which is feeling like it is in the eye of the storm, calm and strong and safe.  Given that the majority of my life has been spent feeling like I was Never safe, this is really saying something.  Not only about this shift in endurance either, but about how much former programming and the releasing of it has shifted my experience.

We’ve been informed many times now that our bodies are changing and are capable of holding much more light.  I know one of the features of my experience yesterday about my body being an avatar or vehicle was that it looked and felt to me like some sort of glass.

There was something about it that I perceived was similar to glass, like dirty glass, or like glassy matter.  It passed rather quickly, but this is definitely something new to me.  Since my experience with cancer, I’ve developed a habit of keeping in close touch with my body and my sense of what is going on with has been enhanced through this practice.

Is this the beginning of what we are headed for?  How quickly will these upgrades to the body take place?  I’ll be paying close attention and let you know what else I find as we go…

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