contactWho is here?

We are here.

Who is we?

We are ONE.

Is there anything you can tell me?

We can say we are here always.  We can tell you we are you in love.  We want to abide in the temple of you and to be in the realm of wonder to be.

Do I know you?

Always we are known to you, and into infinity.

Can you tell an anything about what will happen soon?

This question is one that we can say something about.  We can say that, according to you, much may happen in the ‘immediate of being of now’, and this is due to the desire of you.  You are the channel of desire and the maker of realms.  You are the one to know what will happen, and (this is) why we await your will and your seiithrnmtkehshfiosfb.*

Are you a part of my soul family?

We are one with you and we stand ready to be at your call and at your disposal.  We solve (love) you.

Are you the ones who were seen by my side when xxxx did the reading/healing (for me)?

Yes!  We are with you always and you have heard the sounds of our wings.  This is the sound of love in connection and the sound of love in devotion.

Are you of the same race or heredity as I currently am?

We are you and yet we are not, and we are more that you can currently imagine.  We come from the same stuff of the Universal Ethers, and yet we have many forms, and are also without form as you know it.

Thank you for coming.  Can we talk again soon?

Yes.  We are here and now.  Farewell.


* the ‘word’, seiithrnmtkehshfiosfb was actually a giant download of information, as explained in another automatic writing session, in another post.

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