notesI haven’t written any posts for the last few days.  Instead, I’ve felt the need to stay quieter and to carefully observe what is going on.

On an internal level, I’m observing some astonishing things.  Astonishing both in content, and in the way it isn’t at all astonishing.   Huh?  Let me explain.

Just a few months ago, I think these same expansions would have knocked me out of balance.  Instead, this is the most balanced I’ve ever experienced being in this lifetime.

The entire concept of expansion being linear has fallen away.  It even seems absurd I ever thought like that.  Yet I know I did and only a few months ago.

As little as a year ago, I was sold on the thought that ascending was akin to passing from one side of a doorway to the other.  Now, it is plain as day that I haven’t gone anywhere and yet I’ve expanded substantially in ways I would have expected to do only after some ascension type progress.

This expansion in awareness isn’t progressing in a line, as in from point A to point B.  It’s not going in a direction like up, down, or North, or South.  It’s more like the expansion of a bubble, one that is expanding in and out all at once, expanding up and down, inward and outward, and in all the other directions too!  Is it coming in or going out, downloading or uploading?  All, at the same time, with myself seated firmly in the center…

I’m more expanded into the awareness of my Divinity, and simultaneously also more expanded into the awareness of my humanness.  From a linear view this makes no sense, and yet nothing linear has ever made the sense that this does.  So simple, so obvious, and yet I’ve not been able to see it before now.

I’m truly grateful for my pagan roots which consider the human form to be an expression of the Divine.  I can’t imagine how much more difficult and disconcerting this would be coming from some of the other types of spiritual teachings to understand and to accept.

Rather than attempting to divorce and separate myself from my humanity and fly off somewhere without it, the beautiful truth (for me anyway) is that my Divinity is seating itself deeply into my human and fleshy form.  (Now it is plain why the need to ditch the inappropriate ways of thinking and feeling about my body.)

The ramifications of this are what is astounding.  What does this say about me?  Who is this human now?

There’s no wonder anymore at how my life’s associations with my self image and my memories have had this disconcerting way of dissolving for several years now.  My interest in them has waned to a trickle as well.  It’s also nearly impossible to take most of it seriously, and I promise that most of it was serious as hell when I was up in it.  Much of it now seems like a repeat of a bad B movie.  Bad, boring drama, and at the same time laughable.

My observations of the group dynamics are expanded too.  Not so long ago, I understood that there were many paths to the proverbial waterhole.  My current and more expanded (updated) understanding makes this look more like there is only one way, but it looks so different to each of us because of the filters we all wear.  As if we all wear sunglasses, each with a different tint.

This is highlighting the extreme importance of our diversity at this time.  The more we are able to allow for our diversity, the more expansion is happening in our group dynamic.  It is the magic that’s helping us to move from the contracted views and energies of duality into the broader Unity of what is really happening around and within us.

There is so much more on this to explore, but for now there’s a need for more integration.  I barely scratched the surface here, but I wanted to share at least a peek of it for your consideration.

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