enoughBeing willing and showing up. It’s enough and more than enough.

That’s right, that’s it. The value in this is inherent, it comes along with the mere fact of being alive and being present.

No need to wrestle out some epic story, though epic stories are certainly available to create. We’re really good at doing that, aren’t we?

I mean it. Even if the ‘epic’ part is slogging through the day to day drudgery of mundane stuff. Wake up, do what has to be done to maintain the physical, sleep, repeat. This is enough.

Enough for what, you may ask. Enough, period.

The right to life isn’t earned by what we do here. The right to life is given, period. The proof of this simplicity is that we’re here doing it. Here and alive. Nothing else is required.

This priceless gift of Life Itself is given regardless of the made-up value systems we use to hold our own feet to the fire. This same fire we use on everyone else’s feet too.

Nothing is asked for this right to be alive and breathe and be on this gorgeous planet. The Sun’s rays shine on all and everything without asking for value assessments to be exchanged. Our planet, Gaia’s body, supports us under our feet and above our heads with out asking for our resume or portfolio.

So, here is the most obvious truth. Life has found us worthy of being alive. This amazing fact is staring us in the face endlessly, and yet most of us have been infected with a special kind of insanity that allows us to ignore this most obvious of evidences, this profoundest of proofs.

I invite everyone to consider the obvious, and to snip the head off of the insanity by repeating after me: “I am worthy”.

Be sure to really mean it, because it’s the obvious truth. Feel free to repeat until the insanity collapses and you can really feel what this reality feels like, inside.

The rest is also available. The epic stories and the creation sagas. Of course, they are!

Once we get over the insanity about whether or not we’re worthy, these gorgeous co-creations bubble up and splash over from our loving hearts for the benefit of all.

Feel free to take these statements of truth and expand them on your behalf, remembering that by doing this, you will be infecting others with this truth too.

I am worthy of life. Therefore, I am a priceless resource. I’m already in possession of the highest value in the Universe, LIFE!

I am already the highest value, without price. So are you…

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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