archetypesThe Dream Message and the Archetype

In the very early hours this morning, a dream message was delivered to me with a powerful archetype. 

I dreamt of Polar Bears. In my dream, they were coming to stay in my house. I saw them coming, I felt them coming and I knew them as they came towards me. 

The overall feeling I had was one of uncertainty and anxiety about this. After all, a Polar Bear is a very big animal, an apex predator. Perhaps also a hungry one; unlikely, from my dream point of view, to ask permission for anything. 

What would a Polar Bear do once it arrived in my home? My dream answer to this was, ‘Anything it wants to!’

Exploring Meaning and Decoding the Message

I’ve had many animal totems show up in my lifetime. Some in person (or ‘real life’) and others in dreams or visions. But never a Polar Bear, or anything so unfamiliar to me and my life environment. What could this mean?

My dreams inform me. I’m one for exploring meaning as reflected and expressed in my surroundings. This also means my unconscious spaces that speak to me through dreams. A lifetime of power dreaming, with so many examples of precognitive dreams too, have shown me there is information here for me to consider. 

Following My Intuition to Hints on Meaning

After waking, I allowed my intuition to guide me through the links my internet browser search pulled up for the keywords ‘totem polar bear’. This link for Wild Gratitude blog came up and I was amazed at how much this particular description of this totem animal reflects my own inner and outer journey at this time.

For instance, the author, Stacy L. L. Couch, mentions how: 

“His world is frozen, with landmarks often hard to find. To make matters more challenging, the wind constantly moves the drifts and the floes carrying his plans and thoughts asunder. He does not have a preference for one way, the way, but rather relies on the wisdom of the ages and the abundance of the underworld to carry him through. He’s been doing this for a long time you see.”

Oh boy, does this ever remind me of how the last year has played out! There is so much information coming out now, mixed with disinformation, it’s truly been a wilderness of wild and uncertain footing.

The italics added to the quote above are mine, and here is why.

The Importance of Recognizing Personal Preferences

There are many important (to me, personally) key words and phrases that come out of this dream and this read on the meanings of the Polar Bear as a totem messenger. Preference being one of them, and in a big and significant way too.

To show “no preference”, as mentioned in the quote above, is definitely a step into human mastery. I’ve found this to be absolutely essential for discernment to have any meaning at all. The identification of personal preference has been of the greatest assistance to me.

Surprising to me, it gets a significant mention in the totem read of Polar Bear. And yet, there it is.

Allow me to explain.

I’ve made an intense study in my life to consciously identify my own preferences, in order to be able to navigate the actual territory I’m in. In order to be able to, not only understand my own responses to my environment, but to get the most accurate information out of what is presenting to me in each moment, uncolored, unfiltered, unsullied by my personal preferences.

The ‘real deal’, uncut and unedited, as it were… As. It. IS.

My understanding of what I prefer and what I don’t, as it pertains to my actual environment and circumstances, have given me the most profound insights, helping me to navigate in real life and real time my personal journey. 

How easy it is to get lost when focused only on what I prefer, and whether or not it appears in each moment! 

Once I understand what my emotional content and response is to my own preferences, only then may I be able to put them aside in real time and simply take in the information offered in the moment. 

Each moment informs me of what it has to offer. Whether or not I prefer what it offers is another question, and one which has become a sort of automatic pilot discernment question I use for myself to assist me.

Inner and Outer Reflections in this Polar Bear Metaphor

The totem meaning author referenced goes on to explain how the white hairs of Polar Bear are not what they seem to be. They are not white, but transparent, reflecting without preference to any particular color ray, thus appearing to be white. Refracting all the light in an unfiltered way is what these hairs do.

Relating this to the environment of snow and ice, snow also reflects and refracts light without preference to any particular color. Thus, the Polar Bear and its natural environment is in harmonious relationship, both reflecting light in a pure fashion, without applying any filter or preferential treatment to color rays, which would refract into a particular color for our eyes to see.

How interesting! This suggests a purer or clearer reflection, or transmission (through refraction) of whatever there is, offering to inform me in any given moment.

How beautiful this metaphor is.

As a channel and practitioner of prophecy and trends, and a messenger (or conduit) providing such information to others, this archetype of Polar Bear (of which I was not aware of previous to today), is a metaphoric gift that just keeps on giving.

This idea of refracting purer forms of light (ie, encoded information) through my practice of consciously being aware of and managing my discernment of preferences for personal experience is one that is important to me and what I do.

Divine Fire and Being a Conduit of Divinity

Yet another surprise to learn is the way the longer guard hairs of polar bear are hollow. They do not, as previously thought, bring the warmth of the Sun to the black skin of the Polar Bear underneath the white-looking fur in order to warm the bear in a cruelly cold climate. 

It’s the other way around. What these hollow hairs do is radiate warmth from the inner heat of the bear to the outside. The Polar Bear actually is trying to cool itself by sending the inner heat out these hollow hairs to its environment. 

Imagine the intensity of inner fire that animates this marvelous animal to create such heat in such a brutally cold environment!! The animation of Divine Sacred Fire expressed by Polar Bear is truly astounding. 

Relating this totem meaning to myself is a soothing balm right now. Perhaps bringing my attention and conscious gratitude to my ability to clearly reflect the truth of what passion I have to serve as a conduit of the Divine, and what ability I have to access information from my shifting environment is what this message is all about. 

Message received! It feels deeply emotional to me as I share it here.

Diving into Meanings of Environments of Snow and Ice

The element of water (as I’ve understood it), denotes the emotional body of Gaia Herself. This thought has led me to so many interesting epiphanies about myself, the human collective and our mighty power to carry, distribute and straight out generate emotions.

There is the fact that we are mostly water in our physical bodies’ compositions too. Which has suggested to my mind, that we are, ourselves, a main stream of the Emotional Intelligence and Body of Gaia Herself, as well as all the other ‘bodies’ of water and streams of Gaia we might mention, like planetary oceans and rivers.

These thoughts, in themselves, are a much broader topic of discussion, but they merit mention here anyway. It follows (at least it does to my mind) that we are in form expressing spiritual truths, and at the same time, we also are a part of the Body of Gaia.

Water Metaphorically Expresses as a Solid Foundation in the form of Ice and Snow

The element of water is one that has many stages of expression. It is what seems like an entirely different thing in its different forms of solid (ice and snow), liquid, and gaseous (as in steam, evaporation or condensation). Yet all of these are water, all in different forms of expression.

So, getting back to ice being frozen to solid form of water, the thoughts here might lead me to ‘frozen emotions’, and yet (as the totem author also mentions) it is interesting to consider how ice may also denote spiritual truths, the forms of which are not unlike the differing forms that water may take in different environments.

The snow flakes that forms ice from water are well known to form miraculously into individual crystalline forms, each one entirely different to the next in its details. Each one a wealth of information expressed in Sacred Geometrical form. 

Could it be said that these Sacred Geometries are reflecting the essences of spiritual truths? I think it could.

Tracking humanity’s understandings of spiritual truths and principles, we could, if we like, see this metaphor played out in how our spiritual understandings and the foundations upon them, which have been frozen and unfrozen, over and over. The way these understandings are expressed in our societies are not unlike the ice floes which cycle and recycle in rhythm with the Earth’s own cycling through Her environments in time and space.

These actual ice floes are essential to the Polar Bear, as without them, the opportunities to get their main food source is severely limited. A Polar Bear is an opportunist in its eating habits, and the Seal (which represents creativity and imagination) is its main and most important source of sustenance.

Out on the deep ocean, riding a frozen piece of water, Polar Bear is in its natural element. This is where the abundance of the deep, creativity and imagination (personified by Seal), comes forth and gives this essential nourishment, without which Polar Bear would perish in such an harsh and rather unforgiving environment.

The ephemeral and constantly moving nature of ice floes and the fact that the Polar Bear is in its natural environment here is fascinating to me.

In this archetypal metaphor, this ice, as a metaphor for temporal and ephemeral nature of our understandings of spiritual truths, is where there is a foundation to allow for access to abundance. In such uncertain and constantly fluctuating circumstances is where this powerful totem of Polar Bear accesses the abundance that comes up from the deep and mysterious depths of the Emotional Body of Gaia, our collective unconsciousness.

This same Body of Gaia is also what we are. The depths of what we are, and how we are physically composed, are emotional, creative, abundant and mysterious. And Divine, as is the nature of our Mother Gaia Herself.

Creativity and Imagination as are Accessed from Standing Upon Spiritual Truths

So, the sustenance here is creativity and imagination. The shifting ground beneath my feet is the ephemeral and constantly moving and evolving stepping stones of spiritual truths as expressed and understood in the current times. The abundance provided is coming from deep within myself and also in the consciousness we share as a human collective.

This would certainly be the case for me, as an individual, as my sojourn through my personal underworld has brought forth my creativity in great abundance. With my powerful imagination, I have been transversing wide territories and wild wilderness on shifting ground all my life. The milestones and goals have been always shifting and in constant flux.

My personal tool chest and skill sets have been developed directly related to uncertain and shifting terrains, just like this archetype of Polar Bear suggests. Most of them have been developed in direct response to my needs to understand my experiences in deeper ways and to provide me a sense of milestones and trends, in my efforts to know where I am and what I’m doing here.

Shaman and Priestess

I’ve talked about my early life and my initiation as priestess before, but I’ve not shared too much about my many lifetimes of playing out the role of the shaman. Even though it’s rather obvious I have these skills, my focus has been on the societal roles of a priestess, which is about rituals and forms of structure and personal responsibilities as they relate to community, rather than on the roles of a shaman.

At least in a more public setting, I’ve kept most of my shamanistic skills and information for myself, for those moments when they pop to the top of my tool chest for me to assist with my personal relations to my world, and for those who come with healing requests or for pulling information for them from the ephemeral ranges of the beyond.

It’s of interest to me that Polar Bear is known as a guide for the shaman. His role is to bring forth what is hidden from the greater realities that lie beneath the surface. I see this message at this time as a reminder for me to remember even more of my shamanic nature, and to, perhaps, be more willing to share it with community.

In that line, I offer these thoughts for consideration.

The Need to Shift with the Times in Regards to Archetypes and Spiritual Truths

As I see the world (or the collective condition of humanity) at this time, I can take this metaphor of Polar Bear from the personal to a wider perspective too.

Our spiritual archetypes need to serve us. On this, no matter what these are in their details for anyone, we may agree. 

What I see is that the circumstances and needs relating to our spiritual milestones (and supposed maps in the form of religious or dogmatic traditional offerings) on our planet at this time are rapidly fluctuating, not unlike the metaphor of the ice floes of our archetypical Polar Bear. Our traditional religions and dogmas are breaking apart and showing just how uncertain such footing can be.

These metaphorical ice floes, representing our access to foundations of spiritual truths, freeze and melt and freeze and melt, again and again. One moment, there is a solid surface to cling to, and in another, this same surface is liquified again, leaving us to swim for it, or to perhaps sink drowning into the dark abyss of meaninglessness and chaos.

Spiritual Truths Serve as Foundations to Keep From Sinking and as Resting Points amid Challenging and Changing Terrains

In the same way that the understandings of spiritual truths morph with increasing consciousness, the exact composition of each ice floe is different each time it reforms, no matter how it may be formed all out of the same deep ocean in its composition. 

Consider as well, how this ice forms mostly on the surface. Deep under the surface is the creativity and imagination we need for our spiritual nourishment and our evolution. Even for our continuation as a species, like the same as could be said of the Polar Bear.

How we come, as a collective of humanity, to ride the surface of shifting and ephemeral nature of the forms and understandings of spiritual truths, and find our way in such a vast and spectacular wilderness, is a question we have yet to answer as a collective.

Regardless of how these ephemeral and swiftly shifting landscapes of our times are in terms of our standing (and understandings) of spiritual truths, we need them. We need the solid footing on spiritual understandings and principles.

In the same way a Polar Bear is severely limited in the ability to get the necessary sustenance in order to thrive and live without the ice to use as a platform, we need spiritual principles to keep us above water, above the levels of insane anxiety producing meaninglessness suggested by the chaos bubbling up from the depths of our shared collective consciousness at this time to be seen and known.

We need new mythologies that serve us in our expanded understandings of who we are in a planetary sense, honoring how we are inherently an integral part of this planet, Herself, and Her expression as a living Being.

Creating New Foundations and Mythologies to Serve Us as Human Beings, as a Planet

The answer to this metaphorical question of how we create a renewed mythology of archetypes that reflects more truly who we are, as a planet and as an integral part of the Body of Gaia, is unfolding in its own way and in its own sweet time. 

I don’t as yet know the form it will take, as I sit here writing and considering the deeply personal nature of what this archetype from my own depths in dreaming has informed me of. 

Here’s what I do know.

The answer in these times will have to reflect how we’ve changed and expanded our consciousness as individuals and as a collective. As the human kingdom nested as an integral part of the consciousness and Being of this Sacred Planet Gaia, whom we not only live upon, but are also a reflection of, this is our challenge. All together, we are the consciousness of a planet, or at the very least, a human kingdom part of it. 

The traditional or old concepts of spiritual truths will either keep up with the swiftness of our growing and exponentially expanding levels of consciousness, moving on from the regional and secular conceptions of who we are and what these expansive spiritual truths are in real time, or they will fail to provide what we need as a global society of highly diverse cultures with diverse personal needs and sensibilities.

Since necessity is the Mother of Invention, I don’t see how any other thing can happen, except we find a way to recreate our myths to fit our heroic stories playing out at this time.The stories of ourselves as individuals, the stories of nations, the story of the human side of consciousness on Planet Earth.

It is my belief that we find a way together, through this season, and the next and the next. 

As Polar Bear suggests in the powerful way of being on shifting terrain and flourishing by design, we are designed to be the conduits of Divinity in Form as human beings, and are at home in this environment of swiftly shifting circumstances.

It’s what we are, and what we are designed for too.

How do we realize ourselves as the Divine representatives in form in this miraculous story? 

Polar Bear shows the way here. 

The Divine Fire comes from within, nourished by our access to our own abundant depths.

As individual expressions of Source, clear refractors of the information revealed by the Light which comes to us and illuminates our world, we warm our environment with our inner fire and passions, rather than the other way around.

In Gratitude

As I contemplate this message for myself on a deeply personal level, I invite us all to awaken to our true nature and take comfort in the fact that we are made of the good stuff in ways that are profoundly related to our environment here on this planet. The spirit and divine fire of Divinity animates us, informs us, and is, literally, what we are formed of.

My profound thanks to Polar Bear for the visit, reminding me of my natural relationship to my own environment, of my own clear reflection of Divine Light and Source, of my inner divine fire, designed to warm my environment, and of my inherent abilities to access and nourish myself and others with creativity and imagination that springs from my own depths and the depths we all share in our collective human consciousness field.

Thank you, Polar Bear, for the reminder that my ability to access what is below the surface with my shamanistic skills and sensibilities is also important at this time to share. What an awesome guide Polar Bear has turned out to be.

Postscript comments:

For the sake of clarity, I wish it to be known that this article is about metaphors and archetypes and came out of me offering a peek into my head about how I go about reading the meanings offered to me in my personal experiences.

A dear friend who read this, came back to me with some comments about how Polar Bear came to me on the way out of the lifestream of this planet to offer to leave wisdom for me to integrate.

This may well be true, or may not be true at all, I don’t pretend to know for sure at this time. I can say my internal hit on this is that Polar Bear isn’t leaving us just yet. For what that is worth.

I suppose this line of thought is bound to come up in relation to the mention of Polar Bears and Polar Ice. However, I don’t trust the agendas driving the places we get ‘scientific’ studies, as I see them driven mostly by those with ties to global monetary scamming and social engineering agendas to obscure the truth. Search out the evidence if you like.

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