chamberAndrea: On-aira, I am here. It feels safe this time in this darkness somehow. Like a womb feeling, a supportive feeling instead of a squeezing one like before.

On-aira: Ah. This is good that you’ve adjusted to this initial strangeness, this contrast to your everyday environment. This is the feeling of in-between, it is what it is, and this can be interpreted in many ways.

Andrea: For about a year now, I’ve been absorbing so much light it seems that I sometimes long for darkness. Soft, soothing darkness, and quiet. This is a place of peace and rest, isn’t it?

On-Aira: It can be so. It is a balance point. It is the center of the dot. It is the seat of peace. It is the apex of the wave, where there is no motion in any direction but it sits upon all movement in the Universe. A paradox. A still place in never-ending movement of matter and form.

Andrea: Is this place inside me then, as it seems to be?

On-aira: It is. It is the place you wished to bring yourself back to. This is the beginning of the remembering coming from your own self. The delivery was designed by you and we are here to help you deliver it to yourself.

Andrea: My, what a tangled thing this has turned out to be! Hahaha! I don’t have any memory of setting this up at all. Where will we go from here?

On-aira: There is no rush to go. We are here to allow for the readjustment to occur in you. Take the time to feel what is here and to allow your senses to adjust to these surroundings. There is much more here than you have yet discovered.

You have been struggling with being tired all the time. No matter how much rest there’s not been a re-energizing happening while sleeping as there used to be. This isn’t the same world that used to be, and this is why the old ways of recharging aren’t working for you anymore.

The frequencies of the new body you are inhabiting are too high for the old ways and patterns of recharging to be sufficient now. Think about this, the new body is as if it is the same old one, but it is not. It is made up of waves of energy and this energy is aligning with what is beyond what foodstuffs and sleeping periods can do in recharging.

Your spirit is using higher levels of energy to function and the states of being that used to be ‘dreaming’ and shamanic-type journeying are more real now while the everyday world is fading in realness. This is like being asleep while awake and awake while asleep. It’s a feeling of being turned inside out in a way.

Coming to terms with this is a part of the new way forward. The path forward is through some dimensional divides that used to be more ‘solid’ or dense, so you pass through them now without even noticing. The resistance is not so great so you don’t always notice the passage from one frequency to another. You are nonetheless making these passages now more and more frequently. Begin to notice this.

Andrea: So we are to stay here in the blackness for now and have a resting period here.  That sounds good to me in this moment.  I am very tired now almost all the time.  Is this the place to come now to recharge?

On-aira: We would advise yes for now. The readjustment period is one of intense need for energy on the level of all your bodies from the most to the least subtle. This womb-like space in your center is a space of comfort, it is also the womb of Gaia, if you will see it as such.

The body is the chamber of Gaia and this chamber in the heart of you is the chamber of Gaia. There is no difference. There is no separation. Only in your mind is there the possibility of such. Such separation cannot actually exist. Time to remember and come home again, here is a form of Home.

To come here is to recharge sacred Self and also to honor Gaia and how you are a part of Her.

Andrea: Thank you for this reminder. It is getting late and I need to retire to bed and to sleep. Can I return here and rest though out the night as well? I long for rest and recharging that will sustain me through my days!

On-aira: You may do so, and it is recommended at this time. There is much to do to expand and remember now for you. Receiving  information, reading information, transmuting and code breaking. All take their bit of energy from your field. Time to remember to reconnect to the supply.

Come again tomorrow. Farewell.

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