being and doingAndrea: I can’t believe it’s been eight days since we last made contact. These days have been so refreshingly peaceful and devoid of the usual drive and pressure to ‘do’. I feel really good and generally balanced. Do you have any comments on this to share with me now?

On-aira: We are glad to be here with you now and share our view of this experience. We perceive that you are hitting a sort of plateau in your journey, and this is the result of taking some time to allow for integration to settle into your personal space much more deeply.

There’s much going on with you in the physical, as we have told you consistently since we’ve started this conversation and asked for you to attend us for 40 days. This space in time for integration is one you needed in order to just be and to begin to notice the feelings you are having.

Andrea: Well, the feelings I’m having are novel ones, for sure. I’m accustomed to being in much more frantic, or should I say, driven modes of being. Surprisingly, just as much gets done without all the push and shove.

On-aira: We would agree, and we would also say there is more available to you with a more expanded and relaxed mode of being. We have an easier time connecting to you and the difference is marked and significant!

There will be much more to come in the near future in our sharing. For now, practice BEing more than being heard or being busy. We know this is contrary to all you’ve been told and all you’ve been taught, but this is a phase which will precede one of more intense activity.

Andrea: Activity sounds good, so long as it’s activity which makes sense and isn’t driven by nervous or fearful programming.

On-aira: So, you do perceive the difference, and this is the integration you’re having at this time. Your worth, your mission, your beingness isn’t simply about doing, particularly when obsessive doing is just bringing you to continue to believe in valuing only what is produced by activity.

There are moments to be and to be still. This is just as important as doing, they’re opposite sides of the same coin. The balancing is the rule now and nothing in your world will be unbalanced going forward without there being consequences.

The consequences of being unbalanced are many.  But for you it is primarily that of this state of being balanced, which you will absolutely require in order to continue to move into position for the mission you’re here to perform. We will speak more of this later.

Andrea: I’m amazed at how many of the burning questions and the anxieties for the future are just gone.

On-aira: This is as it has to be in order for a clean slate to be in existence to create from. This has been a major milestone for you, and we congratulate you on how well you’ve done with it. We know it’s been a huge challenge. We celebrate with you, and yet, we also advise you to beware of falling back into the rut of confusing lots of activity with productiveness.

Andrea: Ha! I can see what you’re saying here, and thank you for the support on this as a part of me is feeling confused about why I’m no longer driven all the time to do. I can see that this more relaxed stance is one that uses far less energy and yet I’m still here to bust a move if I discern this is what I need to do.

On-aira: Going into this near future, there will be the need for you to have reserves of energy at your disposal. Running your personal energy off to the limits of your reserves is no longer a waste of resources that’s manageable. Get used to having reserves without feeling the need to use them up instantly. Allow for them to be there and know you can replenish them as well at all times.

Andrea: Thank you, On-aira, for this sharing. I’m working on releasing the last dregs of my unconscious beliefs that tell me my value is in doing to the ends of my endurance and still this is barely enough to make me worthy. It’s clear this is the lesson being integrated at this time, and it’s wonderful to get some validation for this.

Until we meet again… Farewell.

On-Aira: Farewell, dear. We are here to attend you, as you know.

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