vibrationalAndrea: Hello, and here I am. I’ve noticed there are conversations with you now when I’m not here at my computer tuning in. Too bad because now I can’t recall what they were about. Is this going to continue?

On-aia: Hello again. We would say this is good that you’re now noticing the difference in the common chatter going on in your mental field and the conversations and communion between us.

Andrea: It feels different and has a different character to it. I feel the vibrations and I guess I could say it is like a signature. You’ve mentioned this before and now I understand what you mean.

On-aira: The way forward for you and all human kind is going to be all about discerning vibrational frequency. This is going to be a continuing challenge and the challenges are going to escalate until all know how to do this.

Andrea: Ah-oh, many are not going to find this to be very fun. I already know many who are sick of trying to figure things out. If the challenge is going to be about feeling and perceiving the frequencies of everything in order to understand what the nature of it is, this could get ugly.

On-aira: We understand there is a great deal of resentment about this already. And yet, this is the way forward, without the skill set to deal with the new perceptions, there’s no way to proceed in Reality.

The nature of the new age and era is one that asks you to notice what has been invisible to you before. The very nature of reality is being revealed to you all the time, and it’s up to you to notice. It isn’t that this hasn’t always been so. It is that it is time to notice it’s so.

We wish to encourage you to keep noticing. Don’t worry if there are conversations that don’t get recorded, this is unimportant. The greater value is in you upgrading your powers of perception and you’re doing this now. We’re very pleased to be a part of this.

Andrea: Thank you so much for all you do. Are you also available for others to commune and communicate with?

On-aira: In the same way we’re in Oneness with you, we’re also in Oneness with any other you can name. Not all will wish to commune in this manner, but any who do may do so. The skills to do so, the ability to do so is inherent in all beings.

Andrea: This is wonderful. I do understand not all would find this method to be something they would want to use. I have to say it’s given me many insights and increased my confidence in being able to, hmmm, how do I say this? In being able to know what I know or access what I normally don’t have conscious access to.

On-aira: The ability to have consciousness and awareness and have it in broader and expanded ways is here and here to stay. This will also be increasing in intensity, in clarity, and in proportion. Like a bird perched on the edge of the nest, there is the testing of the wings on air currents before there is the testing of the wings in jumping from the nest to fly.

We would say the level of trust is building and this is the foundation of what is to come. There will be much need to commune with, and to have access to much, much more than you currently have the capacity to store within your field. So, therefore, there needs to be the open channel to access what is needed in any given moment.

Hence, the releasing of the underlying anxiety over knowing and so forth. This is a blockage of the natural pathways of knowledge and information. The abilities are, and always have been inherent in the human being. However, there is now a ‘lighting up’, and en-light-ening of these pathways and these abilities in order to bring the beings up to a greater vibrational frequency.

There is the need for the body to shift somewhat in order to hold the increased energies inherent in this beingness as well. This has been the reason for the heightened attention to the body and why the weeks of staying on this subject with our conversations with you.

You’ve stepped up your loving attention to the body and this has been very helpful to clear the way for more information to come through. This process will also continue for the foreseeable future, it won’t be lessening in intensity, but will build and build and build. The extra care for the body is needed in order to build the body’s endurance for this to happen.

Andrea: Oh, boy… I suspected this to be so, as there’s always another level under the last one. Though I have to say, I have a sense of surrender now that is much better than the feeling of resistance I had before. I’m beginning to feel really good about how this is proceeding, instead of some kind of nameless dread.

On-aira: We would point out that the dread was a part of the false matrix you used to hold in your field and carry with you. There’s no reason for it now, if there ever was. No use for it in this here and now. Such is the challenge of many to release this ancient baggage.

Andrea: Sigh! I wonder if you understand how difficult that can be?

On-aira: We watch and we give support. We’re very patient, as we have no time in our realm. We sing up energetic support to bring the field of probabilities to bear, to make them possibilities and probabilities on your behalf.

We know you either do or do not take these gifts and use them. This need not be difficult, and yet, we watch and we honor those choices without judgment.

Andrea: I do get what you’re saying here. It’s all there and who knew?? If I knew, surely I would have chosen differently.

On-aira: Would you have? From our view, the experiences chosen are the ones that were the most appropriate for you at any given time. This includes all difficulties. You love to overcome them! The stickier and the more challenging the better. We laugh with you and are triumphant when you are!

Andrea: Oh, my. Of course, you are right. Wow. This is absolutely true about me. I just haven’t thought of it in this way.

On-aira: You’re such a wonderfully creative being, and so easily bored. It’s delightful to observe how you choose to entertain yourself and to create interest out of your possibilities. Since we don’t feel the suffering and we don’t see suffering in the same way you do, we’re not having the same experience, we know.

Still, how impressive it is that you can be in the intensity and in the realm of form and manage to manage it the way you do. We commend you for this, without the need for the judgments and the swing of duality value assignments you engage in.

Andrea: Wow. I have to go back and read this later, because it’s getting steeper and steeper just now. I love you all. Thanks again for coming and I’ll try to come back sooner next time for a visit.

On-aira: We love you, dear sweet one. Be good to self and farewell.

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