This post on the necessity of contrast is a truly phenomenal message, pointing out the Divine principles in play and the necessity of contrast in order to sense What Is and to provide choices.

Andrea: Hello again, On-aira. It’s been a week now since our session for the 40 day agreement between us. In between, we’ve done a couple of private Q&A sessions for others. I enjoyed doing this and it seemed like you did too. Can you comment on this?

On-aira: What we enjoy is the open channel for sharing our view of the field of potential as this is a wonderful way to encourage the shift of perception for whomever is willing to listen and take a look for themselves.

Oftentimes, this shift in attention is all that’s needed in order to change the trajectory of potential trends. As a long time student of the divinatory arts, you are well aware of this, we know. Trends in potentials are there primarily due to the Attention and Focus of the person involved. This is so simple, and yet, the human being loves to embellish, do they not?

Andrea: Haha, yes, I get what you’re saying here. We do love to make things more complex than they need to be. Sort of like calligraphy, where the letters can get so fancy that one can barely tell what letter it is, hehehehe. Unnecessary, and yet pretty and more interesting in a way.

On-aira: Indeed. We see your eye-rolling and we laugh with you. It’s good to laugh, and yet this is also the point, or the crux of the matter concerning major potentials for suffering. This needn’t be so! We would encourage people to understand this and to consider a simpler and more straight-forward view of their own field of potentiality.

The energies are always there, swirling and dancing, full of vitality and wonder. The attitude that says this field is limited, dim, and full of disappointing and nasty possibilities and nothing else is not true! This is a one-sided version based in polarity thinking. Not only based in polarity, but based in a negative view of polarity, and completely unbalanced.

Once this is brought to conscious awareness, it is easy to see the truth of this, and yet, there’s the deep programming, which is, by design, there to block the magnificent, the magical, and the Holy and Benevolent.

Andrea: Ah, so can we talk about this? What is this ‘design’, and where did it come from?

On-aira: We see the ears perk up with the mention of the word design. This word has some connotation that has enlivened for you the story line concerning what we would call ‘the who done it?’. We smile at this.

The who is you, beloved. You have done this. You have created all storylines in order to experience what IS. Before there is some disappointment here, or blame, let us explore this further.

From our view, we see the field of potential and we see within it All That Is. This includes all of what can be described as polarity. All of This is in this field, and All That IS is this field. All of what is, i.e., all consciousness and all Beings, swim in this field and are a part of it in its totality.

Presence IS. There are points of consciousness that are vital and alive, we are all these points! In our consciousness, and from our points of perception, there is the perception of attempting, through the focus of the attention, to understand position and gain a sense of what surrounds us, in order to know ‘where we are’.

‘Where we are’ is within the very field of potential, we are ONE with this field, as this field is all that exists. The essence of this field is LOVE. There exists no other thing than this in the greater reality.

Nevertheless, in honoring the consciousness of each Being, in that each point of perception having an experience of separation, the Divine and Creative force of each Being is pulling from this field of potentials whatever it needs to understand existence in each living moment.

Take time to consider what we just said. Allow it to simmer in the center of the awareness for as long as it takes to allow for the integration of its meaning.

In order to understand what there is to perceive, there is the ability to pull out of the field of potential that which one chooses. When a choice is made, since the field contains ALL and not only that which is chosen, there is ‘left over’ in the field the opposite of what is chosen ‘un-manifested’.

This is the same as saying that light falls on an object and the surrounding area is in darkness or shadow, in contrast. Without this contrast, there is no way to recognize the outline and contours of the object, and therefore, have the experience of what the object is.

What we are saying is the contrast is left in the field, while the choice is pulled from the field of potential. This is the Law of What Is, and the simplest way to explain how this works.

Based on this larger reality, the truth is that nothing comes out of the field of potentials that isn’t chosen. The choices happen in order to create the contrast necessary to have whatever is chosen ‘stand out’ in order to be recognized and experienced.

We would also wish to go further into this and talk about conscious manifestation. Most of the choices going on in the human collective at this time are choices that happen from deeply unconscious longings for experience and clarity.

No judgments on this are appropriate from our view, as all of this is valid in terms of perception and experience in the field of All That IS.

We see the movement of consciousness in the human collective as being in perfect alignment with the evolutionary and maturing trend according to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

What we are seeing at this time in the field of potentials as vibrating stronger and stronger, due to the choices of more and more ‘points of perception’ or individuated Beings, is that there is the probability of the choices becoming more conscious. Therefore, the potentials are vibrating and coming out of the field more readily, and more in alignment with the positive polarity.

This has also to do with the increased awareness of the human kingdom happening at this time. More awareness equals more light. The choices from unconsciousness are more aligned with ‘shadow’, the choices coming from awareness are more aligned with light. Consciousness equals light, and the true nature of the human Being is one of gentle and loving balance.

We understand there’s also been some manipulation of the nature of the human, and that this has been the cause of aggressive and misaligned creations within the human kingdom for millennia. It is in this very contrast that the true nature of this species will be understood in a much deeper way. This is being carefully monitored and is a matter of much interest.

Andrea: Interest? By whom?

On-aira: By all the All That Is. We are the watchers and the helpers. All the kingdoms of Gaia watch as well. She, Gaia herself, is also the beneficiary of the rise of all Her kingdoms. She is here watching this unfolding as well.

Andrea: It’s been said we are the point of Beingness that’s the place in the middle, or of the ‘event horizon’, or of the place where the Divine meets the world of matter, or where the ‘boots hit the ground’, as it were.

On-aira: Certainly this is so. In the flow of endless creation, in the endless and eternal All That Is, there’s no point of perception that isn’t at this place. This is a mighty paradox, is it not? The sense of separation brings with it the sense of specialness. It is so that all points of perception are special, and it is so for ALL.

From our view, WE are the point of perception on the ‘edge’ of the wave, or the horizon point, or the surfer on the crest of this mighty wave. From your view, you are. All is well with this, as the current conditions in this sector of the Universe are calling for all points of perception to ride these energies and increase all levels of conscious awareness.

This is the time of maturity, the time of mastery, and the time of Shifting into another phase of evolution and beingness. All kingdoms are participating. None are exempt, as the very field itself is in this process.

Rejoice, rejoice, as this is the time of magic and miracles! Choose from the field of potentials the rewards of mastery! Know now these choices are available and do so.

We will leave you for now, though we attend you always. We commend you on all the attention you’ve paid to moving into the position for greater clarity and service. May this choice support the experiences you desire, as we know it will!

We see much in the potentials coming for you which will surprise and delight you. We won’t ruin the surprise by speaking of them now, as we know you love to be surprised.

We love you. Farewell.

Andrea: Thank you and I’ll be back to talk with you soon. Farewell…

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