manifestationAndrea: After a couple of days of intensely physical things going on, I’m finally feeling better enough to manage a level of energy for this communion again.

Rather than pick a specific subject to talk about, I’d like it if you’d speak about what you feel is the most important information to share in this moment. If this information is useful to more than just me, then all the better.

On-aira: We attend you again in love. Where we would like to go with this conversation is into what is the portal of manifestation of probabilities. There’s a shift that needs to happen in the understanding of this for not only yourself, but for most of those you associate with as well.

The shift has to do with releasing the weight of mis-alignments in the patterns of thinking and feeling. Deeper than this, there is the mis-alignment of values due to the beliefs which are being held inside the field of the individuals and within the social circles.

We would say there is little chance of this shift coming to pass if it were not for the timing of the cosmic waves entering the field in this moment. At each placement of energetic frequency or vibration there’s a level of comprehension that goes along with it.

Each placement is expanded only to the level it can carry, so the expansion that’s happening at this moment is one that allows for such expansion and such a shift to take place.

Unlike what is commonly considered to be so, this yearning and searching, this learning and climbing is not what it appears to be. Rather it is more akin to moving up a scale musically, though this too is short of what we’re trying to communicate.

The concept of a virus which moves from person to person has been used to associate this action of enlightening happening in the collective. We would say it is more like the way that a wave of sound caused by one string makes the other strings vibrate. It is more like a wave of energy like a wind moves through and makes the wind chimes tinkle and clang. It is more like the pure sound makes a glass break at the right frequency. We would say it is more like this.

This also falls short of the truth, but in this framework we commune in there’s no better analogy at this time.

Andrea: Would you care to make any predictions of what you feel will come to manifestation in the very near future?

On-aira: We can say for certain that there will be the unfolding of immense expansion. This is no prediction as such, it is well known in the no-time as having already occurred. There’s nothing that can stop it as it is the nature of the Universe for this to be so.

The only question about it from what we see as your view would be when, and we would say Now! Now it is happening with all the speed of light-en-ing. We laugh when we say this as this is the most de-light-ful thing we can imagine!

We would say that all that isn’t in alignment with this expansion will fall away in the most intense and spectacular ways previously unimagined. Watch carefully and see what we speak of as no one will be able to deny or delay what is coming in this Now.

How exactly this will be experienced by individuals will vary wildly. Those who cling to whatever they can in order to stabilize themselves as if in the ways of old will find nothing there to cling to. Only by entry to the inner realms will there be any way to hold one’s place in this movement and be steady.

All this we can ‘predict’ with precision, as we’ve said it has already come to pass and this is no prediction but only an observation of what is. The experience of this from the human view is going to be a slow motion version of this, and how it is experienced will depend on the maturity and the adaptability of the individual. Many will fall, flail, and groan in misery, but we would say, ‘if one is drowning, to stand up!’

In other words, the chaos is shallow and the grounding is right there if one will stay calm and put feet to the ground. This is a proper analogy of what we’re speaking of. Most of the chaos that is coming from this movement and realignment of energetics is going to be due to people trying to cling to old patterns. It’s not going to work anymore to do this and this will cause much discomfort and high anxiety for some.

We know you already know this and have much experience in this way of being, this stepping into the ‘unknown’ and shedding the anxiety of doing so in each moment. For you, the biggest challenge at this time is the passage of the body into a new and upgraded state of being.

We attend you with love in this and we ask that you stay steady and devoted to caring for your body and practice the communion on deeper and deeper levels with her now.

Andrea: Yes, thank you, I’ve been doing this and this is all I’ve had the energy to do in the last few days. I hope to be able to continue to unpack the packages you hold from the downloads though and am anxious to continue to do this as I may.

On-aira: Make no mistake here with this notion that all we bring to unpack is what can be written on this page! Fully a third or even more of the downloads you carry are ‘physical’ ones that the body will be receiving!

Andrea: Oh my! I had no idea..  I guess the unpacking is going on in more ways that I conceived of to begin with.

On-aira: Indeed. We speak of physical, but this is less than accurate in description of what the body will be unpacking. It is also deeply spiritual, and the ability of the body to decode it is beyond what your mind and your current mental body can imagine. Since the body hasn’t the limiting beliefs and opinions your mind does, it hasn’t the same sorts of challenges in absorbing and utilizing the information and making the needed alignments and adjustments.

Only she will be needing all the support you can give her. Also, this rapid change is stressful and she needs your love. She is tired because of the tremendous amount of energy passing through her and also from the stress on the systems from increased amounts of rarified energies now beginning to pass through her.

Don’t be too hard on her and let her rest as she needs. Listen. She is coming into her own and has her own voice now. Listen to her and she will soon be your wisest ally yet.

Until we speak again. Farewell with love.

Andrea: Thank you and farewell until next time.

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