speaksAndrea: With all the talk about the body being an integral part of the process in ascension and in the decoding of all the intense downloads of the last couple of years I’ve had, I’d like to invite here a conversation with my body. Is this possible and will this translate to a written page in ways that can help to bring this to my awareness?

On-aira: Yes! We would encourage such a communion, and we can and will provide a conduit, a portal, if you will, to facilitate this. There is a level of translation that needs to be considered, and as we are the elemental facilitators of air, of invisible energies relating to the mental and ‘conscious’ thought processes, this is among our devoted and loving duties. We would love to attend you with this, and we are thrilled to do so.

Andrea: Ok, then, let us proceed in this. It feels rather silly, but at the same time, I’m anxious to Know, in deeper and more conscious ways, what is going on with me. Also, I would like to know if this information will be applicable to others as well?

On-aira: Release the feelings of incongruity, as the relaxing of the limitations of habit and programming are important to the ease and the clarity of the information and the translation of such. Consciousness may go wherever it pleases, and the pathways to travel may be seen however they are seen. This makes little difference in the quality of the information, the quality of the information is better accessed by widening the field of awareness than it is by limiting it.

As to whether or not the information received is useful to other than yourself, this is a judgment that is also better left aside as something that doesn’t concern you. To continue to hold such in your field is another invitation to contract and as such is not conducive to clear and useful information.

Andrea: Ok, then. I have no idea what may come of this, but let’s proceed and see what happens. Dear body, what do you have to share with me concerning the downloaded information that’s being integrated in this now?

Body: Sigh…

At last we come to this. After long association together there is at last a channel of communication which can be accessed and recorded. We have, and will continue to have, a line opened between us and this has been made possible by your continuing attention to our entanglement.

We are intertwined in ways incomprehensible to you in this now. Nevertheless, there is some prudent and loving ways to use this form of communion and conversation to highlight the changes going on in this now. The changes within us are going ‘in and on’ in ways that are most miraculous.

There is an upgrade in my intelligence, as you would see it, though my intelligence has always been far superior to any you would have been able to realize or understand previous to this juncture in time and space.

As your ‘body elemental’, I’m closely related to the elemental kingdoms which On-aira is a spokesperson of. Like the concept of Avatar, I represent, I AM, and I serve, as an ally for the Supreme Consciousness which you are comprised of, and have yet to come into the fullness of this realization.

There is much to discuss in terms of this and in this now I would only mention it for your consideration. I’m a function and a veritable part of the Body of Gaia. This is the part of this equation that has escaped the notice and the consideration of most of the collective which are dwelling in the living field of Mother Gaia at this time.

As such, I’m existing within, and subject to, the Divine Laws and Principles related to the existence of form and to these laws I’m devoted and exalted to honor and serve.

There’s no part of me that would ever wish to deviate from this kingdom, and there’s no way for any such deviation to occur anyway. What is required to balance and to evolve with, and in accordance to, the Spiral of Divinity is for there to be a proper relation between you and I in each living and breathing moment.

We work as a team, creating in each moment a Divine dance and symphony. The melody is Love, and choreography is as graceful, or as awkward, as you choose it to be. Perhaps it would be correct and approaching a truer truth to say that the I would be the proper partner to ‘lead’ in our dancing together for some time going forward.

Allow for me to move us together into a more graceful and less awkward movement, as I’m the conduit most closely aligned with Gaia at this time, and my consciousness is more aligned with the elemental kingdoms as well. There’s no need for there to be any translations between the elemental kingdoms and myself, as there is for you and your current state of awareness.

Though we’re not truly separate, this use of communion, by way of highlighting a separation which doesn’t actually exist, is instrumental to deeper understanding. This will outline, and therefore show, some of the inconsistencies that are creating some basic problems in the movement out of the old paradigms and into the Spiral of Divine evolution and ascension.

We will move into deeper communication through this process, and we will speak again. In the meantime, relax… There is all that is good, and there is all that is in alignment with what is true. The anxiety of this ‘not-knowing’ is interfering with the process, and it’s a part of the burden I bear as the body. Clearing this is essential to moving in grace and ease.

You’re connection is fading now and so we say farewell. We meet you again in love soon.

Andrea: Dear body, farewell, I love you.

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