restingAndrea: Hello, again, On-aira. I’ve been taking your advice and spending as much time resting as I feel like, without fighting it like I used to. It’s simply incredible how much time that amounts to. I literally have to have a nap of a couple of hours on most days if I do this. It seems excessive, but I do have to admit I feel much better and it’s increased my focus and my general sense of well-being too.

On-aira: Indeed. We would say this is in alignment with the thought that the current energetics entering the field of humanity at this time is increasing the levels of stress and testing the endurance of most beings in human form at this time.

It is not being experienced the same for all beings, but for many there is an increase in the need for resting, relaxing and sleeping. Much depends on the individual, of course, as there are as many levels of individual stressors as there are individual beings. Still, it is safe to say there are many which now require more rest than ever before to function at what they would feel as peak performance.

Andrea: Hmmm… The levels of performance do seem to be raised from what they were, at least for me, and for certain very noticeably from even last year. It’s almost as if each day is split into two days now, with the napping as the divisor.

On-aira: The sleeping time is the way for you to visit the timelessness you need to reactivate your higher abilities and also to rejuvenate your physical form. Both of these very important functions happen more easily in sleep than in waking, as the tension, or we could say, the resistance is lowered to these movements when the body vessel is in sleeping mode.

It gives the energies the clear path to move ‘between’ and in these ‘spaces’ to re-’order’ that which needs to be re-’order’ed in order to fall into alignment with the energetic vibrations of Gaia and of the larger Cosmos at this time and in this space.

All is happening in time with the beating of the Cosmic Heart, with the Heart of Gaia and in line with the Universal Will and Plan. We rejoice in this, as do all the kingdoms.

When you feel better, does this not speak volumes? Since the mind and old habits are all that say this is not perfect and that this is ‘excessive’, whatever the need for rest may be? This is a hint as to the true character of such lines of thought, and such modes of feeling, though we understand the force of habit and the wandering of the human psyche into doubt when faced with change.

We would invite you to consider that change is nothing more than adjustment to new territory. The same way as one may ford a river in one location and tread on sand in another, there are different fields of energetic vibration and the current one is asking for the body to have the extra time for resting and releasing the tension, i.e., resistance to what is new and therefore causing some subtle fatigue patterns for some beings. Nothing is wrong and there’s nothing to fear in this.

There are deep changes going on. These changes are like an arrow through an apple and are happening on all levels of existence. They are felt as mental, emotional, and physical. Spiritual as well is being deeply affected.

All the kingdoms are experiencing this in their own way. Many are now becoming aware of this and are now able to perceive much, much more than previously, even more than recently. This is one of the signs of the times and also this will increase to levels that are incomprehensible from this current view. Magical times ahead for all beings!

Andrea: That certainly sounds good to me, and I have to say, I’ve had some foresight of this for a long time, but it truly is hard to imagine it in ‘3D’. It stretches the mind to even try.

On-aira: We laugh with you about this thought of mind-stretching. From our view, the human concept of mind is so small and so rigid it’s a minor miracle that the human perception can be utilized at all for perceiving. In our realm, there’s so much more freedom. There literally is no limit to mind, though mind is not the limit either.

We would say to you this is enough for now. Come again and we will attend you. Rest and rejuvenate all you may, for the time for this is in this now. There will be time for propelling forward as well, and this time is one for building reserves, as we have suggested before.

Remembering is also becoming the norm instead of being the isolated incident. Having the need to contain information and tote it with you will soon be a thing of the past as well. We’ve hinted at this before and we leave you to consider this possibility. The possibility of knowing what one needs to know without the need for list-making or past experiences carried forward. Can you even imagine it?

Andrea: I’m not sure I can, but the idea isn’t totally foreign. I’ve thought of this before, but only in relation to isolated incidents.

On-Aira: What we are suggesting is not isolated, but instead integrated into the experience of the daily lifestream of the human being. We will share more about this at another time, in the meantime we ask you to consider what this might be like for you.

Farewell for now.

Andrea: Farewell, dear On-aira, and thank you for attending me and giving me so much to think about.

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