Day Twenty-Two: Insight into the Principles of Expansion and Contraction

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Day Twenty-Two: Insight into the Principles of Expansion and Contraction

contractionAndrea: On-aira, can we again have some more information from the body today? A friend has asked if all the cleansing and purging going on is going to continue and for how long? Can the body comment on how much longer we have to endure this before we can continue on without the pressure, in a happier way in the now.

On-aira: We attend you, and are glad to provide support for the conversation with the body elemental to continue in this now.

Body: Relax. This is the first step in our communing together, as anxiety and rush is resistance. This resistance is held in the body, sometimes in levels so deep that it constricts the internal organs and interferes with healthy functioning.

Certainly it interferes with the freedom of movement in the energetic signals that travel the great highways in the body. The networks are suppressed and eventually damaged by such continual squeezing and contracting.

I would say that the desire here is for movement to a ‘better place’, this is the desire being presented and yet, this isn’t being facilitated with all the contracting actions due to anxiety and fearful imaginings. This is the root of poor habits and needs to be addressed habitually for the body to be able to move the energies now available for processing.

This needn’t be so difficult, nor does it need to be complex. The mind wishes to make it so in order to control, but this control is a fantasy to begin with. Better to release it, abandon the contracting control issues.

Take a look at this in a simplified way, if you will. There are two great motions in the world of matter, in duality, in the nature of the Divine Laws and Principles ruling matter and form. One is expansion, and the other is contraction.

All form, all that exists in the world of matter, is a balance of expansion and contraction. There is a center point between the extremes, and this is the point of equilibrium, of peace, the center of the spiral.

To rush to movement in either direction is to move in an unbalanced way and disturbs the peace and the balance of the moment. The feeling of peace can lead the consciousness into the knowing of where is this point of equilibrium. To find this place, stop. Stop and feel whether there is expansion or contraction. If there is movement, which way is the movement going? Expansion or contraction?

If the state of contraction is great, then the point of balance must move toward expansion. Vise versa, if the state of being is too expanded and the being is finding difficulty grounding into Now and into the body.

The body itself is a form of contraction, in the sense that it is sort of a coagulated energy. There is now a greater move for expansion in the body than was so in a very long time. Still, there is a balance to maintain, and this will conform to the natural laws of the Universe, the way it always has and always will, so long as the body is in form, and so long as it is in the realm of matter, a subject of Gaia’s body.

Nevertheless, given the habitual focus of contraction, which is felt primarily as fear, there’s mostly the need to release such in order for the spiral of expansion to continue as dictated by this now moment, and for the necessary energies to take root in the worlds of matter and the elemental kingdoms.

A great sigh and a joyfulness is rushing through these elemental kingdoms in this now. Unlike the contraction going on in the human kingdoms, the elementals (and this could and should include the body) are expanding in a natural and easy way in conjunction with Mother Gaia as she is increasing the vibrational range of her Creation Song. Human consciousness must follow too, or the bodies of humans will suffer and fall out of alignment with this movement. There’s no body elemental that can continue to function outside of, or without being in, alignment with Gaia’s Being.

This will take however long it takes. No time element can be placed on this, as the Love of Mother Gaia has spread out as far as it needs to spread in order to allow for all to choose. The choice is to stay with Her or to choose otherwise. Many will choose to focus on otherwise, and in this case, the body elemental will return to Gaia and become one with Her again. Nothing is lost or forsaken.

The spiritual form that inhabited the body will not be forsaken, either. But those who wish to be present physically with the current phase of movement in this ascension process must stay within the field of Gaia’s movement, and there is no other way to stay in form at this time. This is the agreement and the promise of coming now to support this process in the life cycle of Mother Gaia, and the promise of this time in the cycle of the Heavens.

Those who’ve been here for many decades are finding this process to be deeply unsettling in ways that those who are more recently incarnated are not. It’s been a more intense and for many uncomfortable challenge to stay with the changes for these bodies. There is more contraction inherent in these body elementals, in their fields and in their structures.

These levels of contraction have to give way to higher levels of expansion, to put it in very simple form of perceiving it. Relax… Allow for expansion to happen in ways that do not require a ‘hammer’ to crack the hardened shell.

There’s much to rejoice in in these times. Find a way to focus on Reality in the moment and this will be helpful to ease the passage. Gaia is still turning and the Sun and stars still shine in the sky. All life on Gaia is dancing to the rhythm of the body of Gaia as she turns. Winds caress her and birds sing her praises.

Such simple and obvious ways to move out of contraction and into natural ease of living in the moment. The body wishes and longs for this kind of beingness. Only in the human mind is there this movement of unnatural contraction based in nothing and coming from nowhere.

This is something that will have to be managed by each who wish to be a part of the movement of evolution and ascension, if they wish to be in this movement in physicality, and not to return the body elemental to Gaia and move on without it.

The Spiral of Divine movement in time and space is such that this is the way of this portion of the spiral at this time of now. This is the place of choosing, and the choosing can be as straight forward as taking the notions of difficulty and of resistance and tossing them aside in favor of taking the notions of focus on what is of ease, and of natural and obvious miraculous wonder in each unfolding moment. Which will each soul choose?

The body elemental is eager to go forward in equal relation to the soul, but the contracting elements must be moderated in order to match the field of Gaia at this time.

Farewell for now. With love…

Andrea: Thank you and farewell.

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  1. Laura Petrilli May 26, 2014 at 6:04 am - Reply

    Thank you Andrea for asking on questions on my behalf, There is no simple answer. I will have to read this over and over again to even try to understand it. Plus Im retired. If I relax any more I may die of boredom. Thank you and big hugs sent your way. Laura

  2. andreastar00 May 26, 2014 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    Dear Laura,

    Haha! I completely get what you’re saying, but this relaxation that’s being asked for here is one that asks for it to be understood that nothing is wrong with what is and what’s happening. The habitual and deep down anxiety we carry with us all the time is so pervasive it’s not even noticeable until it begins to be released.

    For me, and this message is truly personal, this has been causing some chronic health issues (hence many of the feelings of discomfort!) in my body, and in order for these issues to resolve there has to be this fundamental movement in attitude. This attitude of contraction, no matter how slight is interfering with not only the body function, but also the pathway of communion between myself and my own information.

    And this is all happening at levels that are increasingly subtle. Perhaps this is because I’m asking for my abilities to perceive on ever greater subtle levels to come online and serve me, but anyway, this is what the body said when I asked her.

    I would suggest, if you like and if you wish to explore this for yourself, that you simplify it with following the feeling of expansion and contraction and see if this is helpful to you. This has been exceedingly helpful to me to do this, but it’s an exercise which asks for me to be present in the moment and be aware of the energies expressed on all levels of my being in the moment.

    Perhaps this is too much to ask of the average person right now, I don’t know, but this is what I’m being guided to do for myself. This isn’t that new either as I’ve been noticing this polarity of expansion and contraction for many years now. It’s like I remember it and it subsumes into unconsciousness again. Sigh….

    If this helps to clarify, my body is saying that the holding and contracting I’m doing habitually is interfering with the process of integrating my own information. Asking me to pay attention and to take the trouble to find the balance point of peace is also what is being said here. If only I would do this habitually, then what an upgrade this would be! Imagine what the world would look like if we all did this?

  3. Gold June 1, 2015 at 11:14 am - Reply

    This makes sense and when reading it I can remember a couple of times when I have practised that way of balancing to make the body feel more in harmony. This message will probably be of great value to people also in the years to come.

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