clarityThis message offered me a great deal of clarity, for which I’m very grateful.

Andrea: Hello, On-aira. I’m feeling much more relaxed everyday now. Is this going to continue? The underlying (though very subtle) anxiety is gone now.

On-aira: This was one of the adjustments we were sent to address. The subtle variation in frequency, this removal of the constant drain on your energetic recourses is a crucial step in going forward.

Without this foundation shift, the increasing pressure to ‘walk the line’ in the narrow passage forward would be too difficult for you at the stage of development you’re currently in.

This isn’t to say that who you are isn’t capable, or to say that Who You Are isn’t already inherently stable. What we’re saying is that the conduit of the body elemental was running some ancient programming that needed some adjustment in order to sustain the Source energy you Are.

This can be seen in the DNA and the rewiring of your holy vessel that’s been happening now for the last couple of decades, most intensely in the last two years. Understand that the body you had ten years ago is no longer in service to you. The body elemental has completely transmuted what was to what now Is itself.

Andrea: Wow! I guess I sort of knew that. On some level, I’ve been wondering if this could be so. Although there are some basic similarities, it does indeed feel and also look like a different unit.

On-aira: We would say it is still the same make, but its a different model. The basic DNA patterns you’ve inherited were inherited in alignment with the Divine Plan and the Laws of the Universe. As such, the body elemental is formed of matter that’s come into form due to the attraction of elements you’ve also carried into form though many previous incarnations.

This is the reason for you personally to slog through so much of what you’ve experienced as miserable hardships. This was to clear out the past energies of resonation to misalignments. You made this agreement with full knowledge of the difficulties involved before incarnation.

Andrea: This sounds like me to overestimate my own tolerance.

On-aira: We would advise the release of such judgments. From our view, you’ve triumphed beyond what was expected. Though it’s true that there was no certainty that all you took on would, or even could, be done in such a short period as one lifetime. Or that you could sustain the needed endurance to do so, as the pressure needed to be intense in order to ‘turn the coal to a diamond’.

We say this to speak to the transmutation of the misalignments. Don’t confuse the Being with the path along the descent into matter. The Being has no need of alignment, as non-alignment is impossible on the level of Beingness. The perception of the ‘path’ is a different story, as we know you’re becoming aware of now.

Andrea: Ok. It’s just hard to believe anyone in their right mind would choose such a difficult path. Was I in my right mind when I choose this?

On-aira: The path chosen was chosen by you. The choice to come into being on the material plane at this time was one you made with great joy and the highest of expectations and complete and utter devotion to cause.

The questions you have now are about how you could have misinterpreted the level of endurance and tolerance you are capable of in the roll out of this path in time and space. We would ask if you’ve noticed a change in the levels of endurance and tolerance you have in the last couple of decades?

Andrea: Oh my, yes! I see what you’re getting at. Yes, there’s an immense amount of endurance and tolerance to just about everything. What used to floor me and take me out is laughable now. Most of the worst of it two decades ago is now seen as my own silliness and drama in action.

On-aira: Let us speak to this. What is drama? What is it but the expression of passion and desire? What is it but the creative being in action?

Andrea: Yes, I see this as well. Thank you for coming and for this conversation. This series of conversations have been so helpful for me to bring into consciousness some very central issues concerning myself and my wellbeing. I’m curious to find out more details of my mission here and the future, of course. Can you share any tidbits at this time about this?

On-aira: We would say to you that you are well aware of what your mission is! If you’re looking for clarification, you’re the one to clarify it! We laugh with you, oh, creative one.

Andrea: Hahaha. I know you’re right. I’m here to hold the Light and to integrate the shadows. I’m here to model balance and to be the conduit of Love in the most powerful way I’m capable of. I’m here to BE the vessel of Source, and to em-body the Divine Principles as fully as I may.

On-aira: Thank you for the clarity! We are singing now for you. We sing the energies to support the clarity you have and to give the potentialities the extra ‘umph’ to delight you in manifestation. Choose now what will delight you and it will come quickly to you in the most joyful and delightful ways.

Andrea: What I choose, at this time, is for whatever comes to come in the most powerful ways for the greater good on this planet. I would also choose for the way forward to be clear, and for it to be without the resistance that’s been in place for most all of my life in this realm of experience. May the way forward be one of ease and comfort for a change, and may the changes be experienced as magically delicious!

On-aira: Good choices from our view. And we appreciate the humor too. We laugh with you in playfulness. We sing for you in Love.

Farewell, dear sister of Light.

Andrea: Farewell for now, On-aira.

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